Closing Thought–20Apr17

Today is 4-20 and we know what that means, right?

Less than 100 days in office and poor Trump was having a Hell of a time….his polling numbers were stagnant at about 35% or so……what did he have to do to win the popularity contest with the nation?

See what a couple of well placed missiles and bombs can do.

President Trump retweeted a Drudge Report post Monday morning that announced the commander in chief’s approval rating is back up to 50%, with 50% disapproving of his job performance, per a Monday Rasmussen Reports poll. The daily presidential tracking gauge notes that Trump’s thumbs-up numbers peaked at 59% just after when he took office, stayed in the 50s for a while, and then fell below the halfway mark in early March, where they’ve remained since, with a low of 42%. But Chris Cillizza writes for CNN that one lone poll shouldn’t be considered gospel on how Trump’s doing, citing other recent polls such as Gallup’s April 15 poll (41% approve, 53% disapprove) and Marist’s April 14 poll (39% approve, 49% disapprove).

Cillizza adds there may be reasons not to put too much stock in Rasmussen’s results, although he’s careful not to say that Rasmussen is necessarily wrong. He simply notes that there are some uncertainties surrounding the group’s polling methodology, including how they define “likely voter,” how using automated interview software instead of real people may affect outcomes, and even whether the way the numbers are dialed serves up a truly representative sample. What Cillizza does say correlates: Trump’s numbers jump with his strike on Syria. Meanwhile, another Monday Gallup poll shows 45% of Americans think Trump has been keeping his promises—a sharp drop from 62% in February.

What does that say about us?  That we can be swayed by the dropping of a few bombs and such?

On another path……

Remember back in the day when the GOP and its morons could not shut up about the unpatriotic non-flag pin wearing of some Dems and even the prez….remember?

And yet I have heard NOTHING from these mental midgets about a screw up by Mr. Trump…..

White House Easter Egg Roll started with the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.

This being the Trump White House, there was a bit of a glitch. Trump apparently forgot to put his hand on his heart during the singing of the national anthem.

Personally I do not care….but I just like to point out the HYPOCRISY of the Trump-ites….these toads cannot smell their own shit!

Day done….keyboard put away…..time to call it a day….tomorrow will be another day….filled with stuff….chuq


7 thoughts on “Closing Thought–20Apr17

  1. As long as he was upright and not speaking or pointing, I’m satisfied. Could he have saluted cuz he is Commander and Chief? I’d have not cared much for that. ~~dru~~

  2. Here is a closing thought…
    Oh my, the energy they put into destroying mankind.
    Pentagon unveils kinetic energy weapon we accurately detailed two years earlier #war #ww3 #military #tech
    Enjoy your weekend…:-)

  3. I am rather surprised that any administration is still taking any notice of the results of ‘Polls’. After all, 2016 showed us that almost all polls are essentially flawed. They failed to predict the outcome of the US election, the EU referendum in Britain, and many other elections across Europe. Spending vast amounts with polling companies seems to be money wasted, as far as I can tell.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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