What About The Korean War?

All the bravado surrounding the Korean incident got me to thinking about a war that many Americans know very little about…….it was the war between the end of World War Two and the mash up to Vietnam…..a war that has been all but forgotten bu many of our citizens.

I watched a documentary on the AHC about this war and it was entitled “America’s First War On Communism”….it was all about the start of the Korean War in 1950…although it is a lie…the first war on communism was in 1920’s….but I will let that go for now.

Anyway I got to thinking about the situation of the peninsula these days and how it relates to 1950……and I cam across this article from a couple of years ago…..

The sixtieth anniversary of the “end” of the Korean war saw President Obama attempt to rescue that classic example of interventionist failure from history’s dustbin. Addressing veterans of that conflict, he declared:

“That war was no tie. Korea was a victory. When 50 million South Koreans live in freedom, a vibrant democracy…a stark contrast to the repression and poverty of the North, that is a victory and that is your legacy.”

This is a fairytale: it wasn’t a victory, or even a tie: the US public was disenchanted with the war long before the armistice, and Truman was under considerable pressure at home to conclude an increasingly unpopular conflict. As for this guff about “democracy”: whatever the US was fighting for, from 1950, when the war broke out, to 1953, when it ground to a halt, democracy hardly described the American cause.

Source: Who Really Started the Korean War? by — Antiwar.com

The US hides behind the guise of “democracy” too often.

Your history lesson has concluded……


10 thoughts on “What About The Korean War?

  1. An armistice is only a truce, and the Korean one has been very shaky since it was signed – but people never heard about it, because it didn’t make the headlines.

  2. Of course, the western world never actually regarded Korea to be a ‘real’ war. The United Nations declared it to be a ‘Police Action’ at the time, and was no doubt attempting to flex its newly-found muscles in the post-war era. As for the ‘War on Communism’, as you allude to, that started with western intervention in the Russian Civil War, as countries rushed to help the White Army try to overthrow the Reds after WW1.
    But if hardly anybody cares about history any more, what hope is there for a balanced view?
    Regards, Pete.

    1. Sadly no chance…..not many Americans know about the US force that fought with the Whites back in the 20’s I believe….so ignorant sometimes…..chuq

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