What Price NATO?

The NATO group has been making news lately……Trump says it is obsolete….Pence says they need to pay up…..and SecDef says that NATO will remain strong with the US in support…..all really good ideas but what is the real idea for NATO?

I have written a couple of posts on NATO recently……

Source: Has NATO Run Its Course? – In Saner Thought

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I have written others and the search widget will get you to all of them if you are interested…

I bring all this up because of something I have read about a couple NATO members…..it appears that a couple of the members would feel better if they were defended by Russia….and you read that right!  Russia!

Former Warsaw Pact member Bulgaria and former Yugoslav Republic Slovenia, which both joined NATO in 2004, say that they would feel safer being defended by the Russian military in the event of war than they would by NATO.

Perhaps more worryingly for NATO top brass are Turkey and Greece. Both joined the alliance in 1952 and have a history of being at odds with each other (to put it mildly) say that they too would feel safer being defended by Russia in the event of war.

Source: 4 NATO members choose Russia to defend them over NATO – poll

Is this a fray showing in the fabric of NATO?


7 thoughts on “What Price NATO?

  1. At first, I wanted to leave this alone, as I didn’t much feel like more politics. Then I thought (bad habit) & was struck with the obvious answer to “What price NATO?”…. It is the same price paid, every day, for every army of a country, or group of countries, or religion (Israel comes to mind),(Iran, too, & a number of others), or private, corporate army (don’t kid yourselves; there are plenty of them), or any other organization that supplies and supports these ‘armies’….to wit: the humanity of all involved is demeaned, and denied.

    Every soldier, in any army, no matter what their personal reason for being there, is irrelevant. They are actually fighting for OTHER PEOPLE’S reasons. They may believe they’re protecting their homeland, or their freedom, or their religious beliefs, or all of them, or others… but, the simple truth is, it is never their own ‘informed’ decision; it is always someone else’s….

    And THAT is the price one pays for not knowing their own nature… or, how easily it is manipulated by the unscrupulous, or, the deluded, as is the case in our modern world, where BOTH those kinds of people are the ones making the decisions about who will fight with whom….

    Enough, I say, of all of it.

    gigoid, the dubious

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