Trump’s Trade Reforms

The election of 2016 trade and jobs were a focal point of many voters….and the rhetoric was aimed at those concerns so much so that a win was registered in trump’s column.

He promised to re-negotiate some trade agreements and eliminate others and this would help create jobs that most Americans desperately need and want….

All great campaign words but how will they play out in reality?

Trump’s proposals for high tariffs might sound good. But combined with policies that weaken unions, they’re not good for wages.

President Donald Trump claims he will use international trade policy to bolster the middle class and reduce income inequality.

“The great American middle class is disappearing,” he wrote for USA Today during his campaign. “One of the factors driving this economic devastation is America’s disastrous trade policies.”

That rhetoric resonated with many of the disaffected and downwardly mobile workers who had voted for Democrats in past elections. It seemed to echo labor’s longstanding criticisms of so-called free-trade deals.

Source: Trump’s Trade Reforms Will Not Increase US Wages

Yes, it is early in his reign and there is still time of sanity….the biggest question is…..will the middle class survive?  Or will those jobs actually materialize?


8 thoughts on “Trump’s Trade Reforms

  1. I’m reminded of the final scenes of “The American President”, in which Michael Douglas, playing the Prez, delivers lines about the Trump-like opponent who wants to be the next fool in the WH, to wit: “all he wants to do is tell you what’s wrong, and who’s to blame for it.” By appealing to those who have grievances, by telling them they’re right to feel disaffected, he only serves himself, and reinforces the disaffection, thus keeping them in a state of mind easily influenced by promises, which are as sincere as a two-dollar toupee….

    The last President to suggest the idea of tariffs was Nixon; look what they did to him….

    gigoid, the dubious

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