Art Of Blogging–Personal Touch

From time to time I write about the “Art of Blogging”…..and NO I do not consider myself an expert by any stretch…..but I consider my blogging experience as a success so I decided to give my thoughts about the this form of communication….

I believe that anyone that visits my blog deserves my attention…..yes, I want as many followers and readers as I can get…just like most of us that are doing this experiment……and by attention I am talking about a personal touch.

By personal I mean when they comment I answer each one as uniquely as I can…there are NO canned replies….and when I get word of a new follower I go to their site and leave a thank you message and will follow them as a thank you also….I also try to read their posts…I mean read the whole thing not a title or a paragraph and then comment… followers deserve an honest comment/reply……I do not block any comment unless it is disgusting or after requesting more civility they continue being rude or insulting.  And I do not consider those that do not agree with as trolls to be chastised…..I enjoy substantive comments and replies and these deserve the same in return.

Some of my comments may be short but that is because I believe….”why write a novel when a paragraph will do?”….something my grandfather told me many years ago….if you can make your point in 5 words why use any more?

Plus I do not just follow someone to try and improve my stats….of course not everyone thinks this way and that is fine…I do what I think is best for IST….so far my hard work is paying off.

Again I am by NO means an expert at blogging…..the stuff I write about is stuff that seems to work for me and not all of us are the same so “what is good for the goose may not be good for the gander”….all we can do is try.

On a side note….I recently added the translation widget to IST….and since then I have received at least one new follower a day….I cannot say for sure that the widget helped this but I will because it suits me….LOL

Enough said….time to leave the keyboard behind and enjoy my weekend…..I suggest you do the same…..I wish you well and be safe……chuq


10 thoughts on “Art Of Blogging–Personal Touch

  1. I can’t recall how I came across your blog, but I can attest to the fact that you do reply to almost every comment and give that personal attention. With the amount of followers you have, I can imagine that to be overwhelming at times. I rather enjoy your point of view; blunt and to the point. Be well and safe yourself, have a good one.

  2. My blog nearly doubled in followers in the past 10 months. Because it mostly documents the lives of my two Persian cats, I periodically add new features that explain things like how I came to have them – a common reader question – and their personalities.

    I’ve post over two hundred videos of the kitty boys on YouTube, from kittenhood till last year when I ran into editing issues I’ve yet to resolve. I periodically post four, five, six of these videos to give new readers a quick look at what they are like in real life. These videos have been very well received. I try to group the videos by a theme, say cats in boxes or cats playing with toys.

    I’ve had problems keeping up with the thank you’s to new followers, though I often follow them back since they found me because a mutual interest in most instances, and theirs have interest to me more times than not.

    Like you, I don’t see myself as an expert in blogging, nor do I understand much why my blog suddenly took off. I do know, though, that responding to comments (mine always are sweet because I’m usually contacted by fellow cat owners….!) is very important to me, too. That personal touch, that interaction between blogger and reader changed my attitude toward the process. Before, I had the sense I was barking at the wind. Now, I realize there are many people all over the world who enjoy a light touch of kitty humor, though there are thousands of cat blogs, and some come around because they have tragedy, health issues, depression in their lives, and Andy and Dougy the Persian kitties (not me!) give them something to look for a=ward to each day.

    Oh yes, posting on a regular schedule as much as possible, is very much important. I follow one excellent blog that comes out once a month, but I know it will be newsy, feature long, well-illustrated texts about things I enjoy reading about. Most, though, come out once a day most times. Being a consistent poster helps build readership. Of course, writing about something people find interesting is the single biggest way to get noticed by those who enjoy, in my instance, cats.

    You blog is exceptional in that I rarely follow blogs that feature long blogs of text without illustrations. I personally try to limit the length of text in my blog, featuring photos of my kitties instead. In your instance, the text is well-written, thoughtful analysis of politics. That trumps length, no pun intended!

    One thing that can put me off is a blogger who posts multiple times a day, yet I follow several people who post their beautiful photography in that way. I follow quite a few people. When I view these works on the reader, I get bogged down in the repetition of opening each one to find only one photo, say. In the old days before WordPress “improved” the reader, I could see that one photo, like it or not, and move on without opening the whole file. Now, you mostly see a severely chopped up version of the one photo and are forced to open the file. (I note that I usually post more than one photo in my blog posts, and they show up on the reader preview in full viewable form. I would guess new bloggers or bloggers trying to increase their readership need to take a look at how their postings show in the reader previews because they may find the preview does severe disservice to their work!)

    Gad! Sorry for writing so much. Like you, I believe a paragraph is better than a book, yet there are times an expanded comment may serve a positive purpose!

    Oh, yes, headlines on blogs serve the same purpose as headlines in newspapers: a short, zippy introduction to the content. A good headline attracts readers to your blog, piques their interest to take a peek. Of course, the content then needs to match the headline for interest. If you have weak content, megawatt headlines won’t get you followers!

    1. No problem I enjoy your comments and your blog…the boys are just adorable….I see you as well will go that personal mile for the readers….in my opinion that helps build the site….have a great weekend….chuq

  3. Ever since I started blogging, I have always approached it with the idea of being polite and well-mannered.
    Like you, I answer all comments, hopefully with something relevant. I also thank all followers, and read at least one of their posts too. If we cannot be civilised with our blogging, what’s the point?
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. My feelings exactly…although I do get my cockles up from time to time and vent…Sunday’s post is one of these times….have a good Sunday Pete….chuq

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