It’s Not Foreigners

In the last couple of weeks there has been an uptick in blog posts on the Right….especially after the EO issued by Trump…..about stopping all those terrorists from entering into the US to carry out their devilish plans for death and destruction.

As usual these posts do NOTHING to prove their claims other than  “I believe therefore I am right”….Trump and supporters credo…..

But it seems that there is a lot of misunderstanding about the attacks and plots that have been uncovered in the US….even a couple of massacre/attacks that did not occur….Bowling Green and Atlanta……

A site, Lawfare, has done some amazing research and I wanted to give a brief synopsis of the article but there is too much info included… is a lengthy piee but well worth the read for a better understanding of just how WRONG some people can be……

In this post, I want to follow up on and flesh out an aspect of the piece that has gotten a lot of attention but much of it in the vein of repetition, not elucidation. Specifically, Ben pointed to some of the most compelling empirical evidence on the issue of ineffectiveness: the EO wouldn’t have blocked the entry of any of the individuals responsible for recent terrorist attacks on American soil. Other media organizations have elaborated on the theme, with various news outlets running stories showing that no one from any of the seven countries included in the Executive Order has carried out a fatal attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. But there’s more to say on this subject and more data to share on it, and I suppose I’m as good a person as any to shed some light.

Source: It’s Not Foreigners Who are Plotting Here: What the Data Really Show – Lawfare

I am sure that there will be some otherwise dullard that will try to dispute the research…..or try to explain it away with the usual mindless banter……

The research is there….do with it as you see fit……


12 thoughts on “It’s Not Foreigners

  1. The research is there….do with it as you see fit……
    it is the government who is plotting..
    divide & rule…same old.
    What ever is happened to critical thinking?

  2. The 7/7 bombings in London were carried out by British nationals. Later reports revealed that the bombers were well-known to the Security Services. They were following their activities right up to and including the day of the bombings. That leaves me to believe that the attacks were ‘allowed’ to go ahead, to fuel anti-Muslim feelings over here at the time of foreign wars.
    In case anyone didn’t know about them, here’s a link.
    Regards, Pete.

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