Closing Thought–13Feb17

Climate Change!

Today I would like to talk about climate change…..there is a wealth of articles written, research published and opinions ad nauseum……I am going to look at it from my small little slice of this globe…..

I have fruit trees….citrus, plum, peach, fig and olive…..most of these plants need “X” amount of cool to cold weather to make the fruit set for the harvest… the past I have harvested really large amounts……especially the plum and the peach….but in the last 5 years crops have been dismal…..with the exception of the citrus…they have loved the warmed temps…..everything else is suffering from these warmer temps… sucks!

I personally do not care what is causing it just that it is keeping me from my fresh fruit… consumption is way down…that makes for irritated chuq…LOL

Just yesterday we set a new record for that day in February….76 degrees….that sucks when it is still winter!  So that damn woodchuck was full of sh*t as far as my region goes.

Got that off my chest….my day is over and relaxation is the rule for the rest of the day….see you tomorrow and thanx for the visits and the comments they are much appreciated.  Peace out


17 thoughts on “Closing Thought–13Feb17

  1. I totally enjoy your blog, Chuq. The serious, and the humour equally. I don’t always comment, but I read them all. Keep ’em coming. Climate change, yes, well, me and the neighbours, being the relatively calm Canadian philosophers that we are (if I ignore my roots which aren’t from a calm region at all!) we were talking a bit about climate change. We decided that it’s due to both, man’s doing and natural changes within our planet and solar system. That being said, we decided that we can do our bit on the man-made side, and just let the planet do her bit for whatever reasons of her own. Who knows, maybe she’s pregnant and is going to give birth to a little earth – wouldn’t that be cool, huh? Then Little E could take the place of the moon, since I’ve heard it’s moving farther and farther from the earth, probably heading out on a journey of her own, to become a planet with her own solar orbit. Imagination rules here…

    1. I am pleased that you enjoy my blog and I appreciate your participation…I agree that is is a two prong problem… only concern because I am so damn old is my trees and my fruit and thank you for the kind words. chuq

  2. I think a lot of plants are confused. I have a gardenia that practically blooms all year – I’m not complaining mind you, but very confused. My friend’s almond tree in CA started producing 2 months ahead of schedule. Hard to tell what season it is sometimes!!

  3. Given we don’t know how to reverse the process, i’d get accustomed to the changes, once we can figure out exactly what they are…. LOL….

    The harvest of a greedy eye… we’ve been arrogant in our pride in ‘progress’, forgetting all change is not necessarily good. We forgot the ancient human wisdom that tells us, just because something can be done, doesn’t mean it needs to be done, or, should be done. We just went ahead & did it all anyway, & now we face the consequences…

    Oh, well…. All we can do now is learn to, once again, go with the flow….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. Today the Earth warms up and cools down in 100,000- year cycles. Geologic history reveals similar cycles were operative during the Carboniferous Period. Warming episodes caused by the periodic favorable coincidence of solar maximums and the cyclic variations of Earth’s orbit around the sun are responsible for our warm but temporary interglacial vacation from the Pleistocene Ice Age, a cold period in Earth’s recent past which began about 2 million years ago and ended (at least temporarily) about 10,000 years ago. And just as our current world has warmed, and our atmosphere has increased in moisture and CO2 since the glaciers began retreating 18,000 years ago, so the Carboniferous Ice Age witnessed brief periods of warming and CO2-enrichment.
      I could go on….
      Go with the flow seems about right….or plant different species …bloody cold here…toss us some heat please chuq 😉

      1. Love it; such a clear understanding of the critical nature of such cyclic phenomena, while admirable, remains well beyond the capability of comprehension for the greater number of our species; moreover, trying to help them gain any such understanding often stimulates anger & resistance, for, quite simply, most folkes just WON’T think past their laziness…

        SIGH…. (That’s a long, drawn-out, West Counties sigh, complete with mournful expression & shrug…) Trying to ‘go with the flow’ while fighting the current of ignorance can be both disheartening, and exhausting… But, it’s like that damn hive of bees living in my head; there they are….

        Great response, milady….


      2. Yeah Chuq, sent some heat up this way too! We’re digging out of the longest, coldest, snowiest winter since the early 70’s – I hate global warming, it’s so cold! But I read that geologically speaking, we shouldn’t get our knickers in a knot, it’s earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe doing their dance, and we’re not even fleas on the elephant. We may not figure it out but nature will. Unlike humans, plants are not averse to adaptation and mutation when the need arises. Some of the “man-made” garden-variety wimps may not make it, but the dandelions, crab grass, willows and cottonwoods will…

  4. I am still undecided about climate change. There are anomalies in the weather, but that has always been so. As I am old enough not to have to worry about the future, I welcome mild winters (in a selfish way) as they will keep down my heating bills, and have less effect on my increasingly arthritic bones!
    Sorry, people in the future, but I don’t really care. That will be your problem.
    We have already had our share of those.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. You got my vote, beetley! You younger types, including those loin-instigated ones, stop whining and learn to adapt. That’s the best advice you’ll ever get.

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