Strangest Show on Earth

Since Pres, Trump started naming names for his new cabinet I have been wry… me he has too many Goldman-Sachs CEOs and too many generals waiting their turn at the wheel.

As we start the Trump presidency, events just keep getting more bizarre. At his first and last press conference as president-elect, Donald Trump boasted about his divestment plan in which he was “sort of, kind of” turning over the management of his business enterprises to his two adult sons. He displayed a table full of documents which were supposed to indicate the extent of his divestment, but the documents were not made available for the press to examine.

Furthermore, in spite of claiming that he was stepping away from his business enterprises, Trump was still boasting being offered a $2 billion deal from a Dubai businessman. While Trump assured us that he turned the deal down, the obvious question is why he was discussing it in the first place.

Source: The Trump Cabinet: Strangest Show on Earth

None of his choices, so far, indicate a clean break with the status quo that has been in control for decades….yes, I know it is early and we need to give them time to get down to business….as it looks right now it is a more neocon cabinet than the one set forth by GW.

9 thoughts on “Strangest Show on Earth

  1. He is still promoting his hotels…..he is not exempt, he needs to be held accountable without political ideology forming sides. WE ARE A NATION BUILT ON LAW !

  2. I don’t think it’s strange at all. So far as I can see, he’s doing exactly what any such asshole would do in his position. He’s just pulled off the biggest scam in this nation’s history, getting more than fifty million mundane idiots to believe he would do anything other than serve his own interests. He’s just doing what comes naturally, to him and his ilk.

    gigoid, the dubious

  3. (Not anything to do with this post, but an observation.)
    I watched an interesting news special here about Trump yesterday. It talked about the American ‘High Society’, the ‘Old Money’ people, and those who considered themselves above the daily grind of life.
    They never accepted Trump, and never let him into their circles. He was considered to be too crass and embarrassing, lacking culture or taste. Apparently, he often talked of his desire to get revenge on them.
    And now he can.
    regards, Pete.

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