Waiting For The Hammer To Drop

As I wait for our new prez to make his first foreign policy decision I thought I would give my readers something to consider in this world that we have created……

This world and its situations fall into what I call a “gray zone”…..meaning that at any one given time or one given situation the entire world could explode in all out war…..kinda like the assassination in Sarajevo in 1914…..

Don’t think the fad for “draining the swamp” began on the campaign trail with Donald Trump.  It didn’t, although the “swamp” to be drained in the days after the 9/11 attacks wasn’t in Washington; it was a global one.  Of course, that’s ancient history, more than 15 years old.  Who even remembers that moment, though we still live with its fallout — with the hundreds of thousands dead and the millions of refugees, with Islamophobia and ISIS, with President-elect Trump, retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, and so much more?

In the never-ending wake of one of the most disastrous wars in American history, the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq, it’s hard to imagine any world but the one we have, which makes it easy to forget what the top officials of the Bush administration thought they would accomplish with their “Global War on Terror.”  Who remembers now just how quickly and enthusiastically they leapt into the project of draining that global swamp of terror groups (while taking out the Taliban and then “decapitating” the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein)?  Their grandiose goal: an American imperium in the Greater Middle East (and later assumedly a global Pax Americana). They were, in other words, geopolitical dreamers of the first order.

Source: Tomgram: Nick Turse, Special Ops, Shadow Wars, and the Golden Age of the Gray Zone | TomDispatch

When the lines between war and peace become so blurred that one small occurrence could be devastating to the world……this calls for thought and knowledge or the worse could happen.

This is a report issued by International Crisis Group……a group that I have worked with in the past…..takes a look at these lines and possible ways to remain safe during these days…..

Is a more connected world a safer and more resilient one, or is it more brittle and fragile? It all depends on how we organize our defense. But the failure to stem the rise of terrorism over the past 15 years suggests we’ve not got it right. How can we restructure our defense systems to take into account the immense changes taking place, and the blurring distinction between war and peace?

Today’s defense model is one of state-centric centralized defense. Each state is expected to protect its citizens against external threats by deterring state-to-state aggression and by intervening in those states whose failure provides a safe haven to non-state enemies.

Source: When the Line Between War and Peace Becomes Blurred, How Do We Keep Ourselves Safe? | Crisis Group

Please…all you that worship at the crown of Trump…I am NOT saying that I think Trump will start world war 3…only that we need a new more up-to-date model if we are to remain safe and secure in this ever changing world…..if that is what you want to ad then may I suggest that you move on to a more conducive site for your thinking…Infowars or some such nonsense.

7 thoughts on “Waiting For The Hammer To Drop

  1. I agree. I study Political Science and specialize in Foreign Policy. It bothers me how many scholars still focus on state behaviour and think that individual states can still secure their citizens with an arms race and building walls. Many people in Europe who complain about the refugee influx do not see the connection btw the situation and the “War on Terror” that created the problem. They even think that it is stil a good strategy to fight terrorists.

      1. Thank you. I studied at Heidelberg University, but I was not only talking about my experience at university. Most literature on Foreign Policy is still focusing on state against state theories. I think problems such as terrorism, climate change and global inequality can only be solved with international solutions/institutions.

  2. Our current situation is (making a geek metaphor) similar to the IPv4 vs. IPv6 battle on the Internet. IPv4 is finite, a limited number of IPs to assign, and the Internet is slowly fracturing into little islands of IPv4 address ranges (like states are still defending their citizens). IPv6 is so immense with assignment potential, that its practically limitless in current frame of thought. This would mean that the Internet could not be controlled, every connected device regardless of origin or make could connect to the Internet if it wanted to. Borders become transparent and irrelevant. The world needs a new state philosophy that uses borders as a consequence of logically separating infrastructure rather than creating an isolated pocket of the world that cuts it off from everyone else. Forgive me if this ends up getting lost on you or your readers.

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