Closing Thought–09Jan17

From The Days Of Old……

There is much hysteria in Germany these days (most of Europe as well)…..immigrants are being accused of all sorts of crimes….I am not saying that some are not committing these crimes just that they are being blamed for most of the crime.

There has even been a story circulating on some conservative websites about an increase in the sell of “chastity belts” in Germany….there are other stories along these lines……(at this point an image from Monty Python comes looming into my head….and like most of Python’s stuff…I get a chuckle)

With all this hysteria over immigrants there has been a rise in far right political parties in Europe….from Holland to Hungary to Macedonia….seems no country is immune to this fear and loathing….and Germany is NO different.

With this fear comes the news that there is a rise in the time worn “classic” from their past…..”Mein Kampf”…..

Germany has “a surprise bestseller” on its hands, reports the Guardian. Some 85,000 copies of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf sold in Germany in the first year the book was published there since World War II. Andreas Wirsching of the Institute of Contemporary History—which began publishing scholarly copies in January of last year after a copyright expired, with the goal to challenge Hitler’s ideas—says the company is “overwhelmed” by the number, which works out to about 233 copies sold per day. A sixth print run will launch at the end of the month and English and French editions are in the works, but Wirsching says “it would be irresponsible to just let this text spread arbitrarily,” per the BBC.

This should be disturbing on many levels……

This is it for today my friends…see ya tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “Closing Thought–09Jan17

  1. Like I said back when the Harry Potter nonsense first started….”It’s stupid. But these days, anything that gets young people to open up a book is a good thing.”

    Besides, Fascism is currently on the march all around the globe. So, why not get it straight from the horse’s mouth? It’s like reading Orwell’s 1984, only slightly more fictitious.

      1. Well, as a part-time Prof (was it?), you’ve got to respect your Primary Sources!

        Hitler is more popular than…well…perhaps ever. He’s all over the place. Nazi Mega-weapons, Hunting Hitler and The Hitler Channel itself are all great. But at some point, you’ve got to sink your teeth into the original text. Yeah, “reading” may be hard work. But as they say, “Arbeit Macht Frei”.

  2. I don’t think the immigrunts are being blamed for all the crime but just for the drastic increases in crime rates that have occurred since the human wave started to inundate Europe … and it has been an impressive increase. Rape seems to be one of the favorite hobbies of some of the Mid Eastern types if news reports are to be believed.

  3. Given all the problems they have been having with the migrant invasion I am not surprised at all that somebody would stir up interest in Mein Kampf — not at all. Maybe we need to read it for ourselves over here before we become another Germany.

      1. The problem might be on the horizon. Am I wrong or did I read somewhere that there is a significant rise now in general interest in such things as Fascism all across the globe?

  4. One of the misconceptions about European politics is the constant assertion that the resurgence of the Right is something new. It has never gone away.
    Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Vichy France, and Italy were all happy enough to jump on the fascist bandwagon before and during WW2. Britain had a popular Fascist Party from the outset, and many men from Belgium, Holland, France, Norway, Denmark, and other countries, including the UK, served voluntarily (and eagerly) in the Waffen SS, alongside many dedicated Nazis.
    This also applied in the Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, and in parts of Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and Poland, where Fascist sympathisers were ready to help the Germans kill Jews, or to fight alongside their army. The Far Right has always been a presence during my lifetime, but perhaps some people just weren’t looking hard enough.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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