Commandos Without Borders

Most of the knowledgeable world has heard of Doctors Without Borders…..medicos that travel the world bring medical care to those in need….well there is a commando without borders….they bring death and destruction to the world…

I read many international publications looking for news that may not be available to my readers here in the US…..a pretty good site is the French site Le Monde…..the below article takes a look at our troops and their use in Africa to fight the forces of “evil”…..

Al-Qaeda doesn’t care about borders. Neither does the Islamic State or Boko Haram. Brigadier General Donald Bolduc thinks the same way.

“[T]errorists, criminals, and non-state actors aren’t bound by arbitrary borders,” the commander of Special Operations Command Africa (SOCAFRICA) told an interviewer early this fall. “That said, everything we do is not organized around recognizing traditional borders. In fact, our whole command philosophy is about enabling cross-border solutions, implementing multi-national, collective actions and empowering African partner nations to work across borders to solve problems using a regional approach.”

Source: Commandos without borders, by Nick Turse (Le Monde diplomatique – English edition, December 2016)

My question is…..Is this the best use of our military?


21 thoughts on “Commandos Without Borders

  1. “— Al-Qaeda doesn’t care about borders. Neither does the Islamic State or Boko Haram. — ”

    And I am pretty sure that great numbers of these folks are sneaking into The United States under the radar and melting into the population because we can’t control our borders and because of the wild desire of some American elitist Leftist bleeding hearts to import as many foreigners (Refugees)(Migrants)(Immigrunts) as the market will bear.

    1. I do not believe that there are that many slyly coming across the borders….then why have few come if there are so many that want them here?

    2. I’m curious to see how Trump and the Republican controlled Congress will handle the refugee situation that is currently taking place. If they decide to accept refugees, migrants and immigrants in any form it would seem to me that it’s not just “American elitist Leftist bleeding hearts” doing the importing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Trump presidency is no different than previous administrations; democrat or republican. Elitism is about money and power, labels are irrelevant.

      1. You could be right or there might be some attempt to enforce the laws already on the books … something the current administration apparently did not seem all that sexed up about doing and something that would not only be relatively easy to do but which would probably solve much of the problems involved with illegals.

      2. I’d be happy if there was equality of the law applied to all citizens of the U.S. regardless of wealth status, race, individual or corporation. That, after all, was the original democratic design of the founding fathers.

      3. I’m not so sure it was the design of the founding fathers and I will tell you why:

        The way the founding fathers set the government up included a provision that only white property holders were allowed to vote.

        I think elitism entered the picture at the Constitutional Convention and always favored the white race and wealthy landowners for a long long time.

      4. Indeed. This was one of the reasons the EC was created. Elitism will never go away, in fact it’s needed to help keep balance. What we have now is an imbalance favoring the elite due to changes to the law and who and how it’s applied. Make the law equal again, and everything else will eventually balance itself out.

      5. It already has, to the tune of approximately $7.5 trillion, because it’s been engineered that way (wealth grows faster when you don’t pay taxes). Make it economically unfeasible, by the law, to move money outside the country and it will return 🙂

  2. Interesting term, commandos without borders. When we get to rebuilding Syria we could send in “Electricians Without Borders”, followed by “Plumbers Without Borders”, etc. 🙂 (Not sure “Lawyers Without Borders” or “politicians Without Borders” would be a good idea; might start the civil war up again)

  3. It’s cowboy diplomacy for the benefit of mining corporations. By the way, these aren’t American “troops” but mercenaries, so why not call them what they are? Any armed types operating outside US territory with no war declared and not “defending” any aspect of American “values” threatened by invasion are de facto, either mercenaries… or criminals. One thing they are not is any kind of a national military and definitely not heroes. They should never be recognized as soldiers. Terrorists would be a much more appropriate term.

    1. I will agree and that is why I asked the final question. Freedom fighters and terrorists are the same just depends on whose eyes you care to look thru…..chuq

  4. Humanity has long ignored the true intent of the phrase, “the end justifies the means.” Most people use it to justify their own actions, when the real meaning is the exact opposite, to wit: the end does not justify the means. It never has, and never will, but, because humans will deny their own humanity to save their ego-driven obsessions, it has always been accepted as a reason for insanity…

    I repeat, the end never justifies the means… You may, or may not believe it, but, it remains true…

    gigoid, the dubious

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