Sad News On T’Giving Day

While we were enjoying our day with family and food it is easy to forget that our troops do not have the luxury that we are experiencing….

Once again sad news must be given to a family…..

The first American combat death in Syria happened on Thanksgiving. US officials say the service member was fatally injured in a blast from an improvised explosive device, the AP reports. The New York Times reports that officials say the American died in Ayn Issa in northern Syria, where Americans are assisting Arab and Kurdish fighters seeking to drive ISIS out of Raqqa, the capital of their “caliphate.” “The entire counter-ISIL Coalition sends our condolences to this hero’s family, friends, and teammates,” Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend, commander of Combined Joint Task Force—Operation Inherent Resolve, said in a statement. “On this Thanksgiving, please be thankful that there are service members willing to take up the fight to protect our homeland from ISIL’s hateful and brutal ideology.”

“I am deeply saddened by the news on this Thanksgiving Day that one of our brave service members has been killed in Syria while protecting us from the evil of ISIL,” Defense Secretary Ash Carter said in a statement. “It is a painful reminder of the dangers our men and women in uniform face around the world to keep us safe.”

A shitty message to be delivered on a day of joy and family.

It is time for America to remove ourselves from this situation and let our country set about making it “Great Again”…(if you care to believe the hype)


7 thoughts on “Sad News On T’Giving Day

  1. People are too busy worrying about their own petty moans and groans of the day!! It irks me to know so few think about HOW they got the freedom to complain and who ensures that it will stay free.

  2. Just more evidence of the blinders most of humanity keeps in place, ready to keep them from ever realizing their own part in what is happening to all of us….

    Mostly, they don’t WANT to know anything that will upset their belief in their own little world’s specialness…

    gigoid, the dubious

  3. Oh just bring our boys and girls back and let them (that vague ephemeral them) “FIX” themselves. I never thought I’d revert to isolationism but then I never thought I’d live past 50. WAR SUCKS and what is it good for? Sorry the economy of the elite, not absolutely nothing. ~~dru~~

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