Closing Thought–23Nov16


There is a group that tries to keep the world safe from a/wads and murders in nations…..the ICC…..

After WW2 and the founding of the UN the world attempted to find a way to make those that commit atrocities to be held accountable for their crimes…..

Most of history’s worst killers have gone unpunished. Josef Stalin said, “A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.” The ICC represents a strong and growing commitment by the international community to end impunity for atrocity crimes in the 21st Century.

After violent armed conflicts or other massive assaults on civilian populations, many countries remain mired in cycles of violence and retribution. Prosecuting individuals for atrocity crimes can:

  • Achieve justice for the victims and for society and help create respect for the rule of law;
  • Counter attempts to blame nations or ethnic, religious, or other groups as a whole for the crimes of individuals;
  • Isolate and incapacitate criminal leaders so that they can be removed from active political participation;
  • Acknowledge and condemn the suffering of victims and survivors;
  • Establish an accurate historical record; and
  • Act as a deterrent to future criminals.

These benefits can be advanced by the mere existence of the ICC. States will be encouraged to investigate and prosecute atrocity crimes because, if they do not, the ICC may find it necessary to pursue its own investigations and prosecutions.

Personally, I think it is a good idea…this would try to hold people like Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini et al responsible for their actions…..the problem is not all countries signed onto the ideal……like the US.

Recently some Africa countries that had signed are pulling their signatures because they say that 3rd world countries are targeted while others seem to skate from facing justice…..(below is a post that I did on this situation)…..

Source: Is Justice Truly Blind? – In Saner Thought

It appears that another country has decided to pull their signature also….Russia…..

Source: Russia withdraws signature from international criminal court statute | World news | The Guardian

This institution has not lived up to the promises it made to the international community….countries like the US did not sign on because of many reasons but the biggest in my mind is that they do bot want to be held accountable for their actions……

I think that if a country signs on to the UN then it must also sign on to the ICC of their UN application will not be processed.


5 thoughts on “Closing Thought–23Nov16

  1. If there were any chance that the ICC could, or would, help to establish respect for the “rule of law” on a world-wide basis, I would agree with you it would be a good thing.

    However, since the world is ruled by sociopaths, it won’t matter, for they don’t believe any laws have precedence over their own desires. They won’t change, either, for they’ve been rewarded for their sociopathic behavior their entire lives. Only when control of the world’s resources, and governments, has been wrested from these anti-social neurotics will there ever be a chance to truly experience justice on a universal level.

    And that won’t happen until enough people realize they are being distracted from reality by chasing after a series of dreams… none of which are attainable under current conditions.

    But, what the hell, let’s have a holiday, and be thankful for the pittance we are allowed to have…. I know; we can kill a bird, (probably a GMO bird, at that….) to show our thanks….We can even watch football all day, so we don’t have to think.

    gigoid, the dubious

  2. Where is Justice to be Found?
    ‘To be Just at the Moment of Action is a Hundred Times more Valuable than to be Just Afterwards’

      1. Have a great one chuq….cold windy weather here & plenty of rain….& bad news…pizzagate/westminster/old boys club wink wink trending… big push over here…not much to celebrate my friend…still, Cheers me old mate! take care.

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