Nothing Better Than A Burger!

I hope everyone is having a good Saturday…..

In the past I have written about food…I had a food blog awhile back but it got too much trying to keep up with more than one so I had to let my food one and my state on go to sleep…..

I like food…I particular love a really good burger…..that is a toasted bun, 2/3 to a pound of beef and mayo and spicy brown mustard…..the garden goes on the side with bleu cheese dressing…..

I wrote about a new diner in my area that specializes in burgers….but they have to tart them up…..worse thing you can do to a burger is get all “chefy” with it……but in case you would like to see what the new diner is all about…..

Source: Food Nazi: All American Burger – In Saner Thought

Some fast food burgers are not bad……Backyard Burger with blue cheese is yummy…..the bacon burger at Checkers is good and the Bacon King from Burger King is their best…..

That brings me to MacDonald’s……terrible burgers…they swing and miss…..but now they are trying something different……

The Food Network has turned Nutella into this super food and a trend….and MacD’s has bitten the hemlock bun……

Exciting news for Nutella lovers! McDonald’s Italy introduced the “Sweety con Nutella” to its menu and it’s basically a Nutella hamburger. Fair warning: If you hate Nutella, you’re going to hate this.

Made up of lots of gooey and delicious Nutella wedged between burger buns — it (thankfully) doesn’t involve any meat. Just Nutella and carbs. The dream, IMO.

If you love it, though, bad news: It doesn’t look like the Sweety con Nutella is coming to the United States any time soon, so you’re going to have to fake it. Get hamburger buns from McDonald’s and then add ~all~ of the Nutella to DIY. How’s that for a McDonald’s menu hack?

Add this to the list of things that need to come to American McDonald’s.


I will stick with a traditional burger and enjoy myself……this is just SICK!

Don’t get me wrong…..I think chocolate is a wonderful thing….but NOT on my burger…..

What about you?


30 thoughts on “Nothing Better Than A Burger!

    1. Nutella is a new fad thanx to the Food Network….I ate it when I lived in Spain many years ago….was not a fan then and nothing has changed….an awful thing to do to a burger! chuq

  1. Have a working butcher grind your 80%/20% fat to lean beef chuck just one time (Not twice like most stores have a habit of doing.) (The single grind of the meat makes bigger fat globules and that increases the flavor punch of the meat. —– To the meat add 8 TBSPNS per pound of pure club soda, two tablespoons soft bread crumbs and salt and pepper to taste. Weigh out 5 to 6-ounce patties and shape them by hand with the lightest touch possible and for the shortest time possible. Grill the burders 7 minutes on one side and 6 minutes on the other side. Use a toasted brioche bun. Top as desired.

      1. It’s a chef’s recipe … be careful not to press the burgers with a spatula while cooking but it is alright to put them under a burger iron to hold them down and keep them from forming a bubble in the middle as they cook. Pressing them with a spatula squeezes out the juice and it is the juice that makes these burgers outstanding.

  2. Nutella on a burger is nasty! I have tried peanut butter on one and that was surprisingly tasty. Not something I’d do every time, but occasionally.

  3. Reblogged this on saywhatumean2say and commented:
    I WANT the meat….can’t usually even eat a whole burger but those three or four gigantor bits is heaven. My mother (vegetarian) would actually make burgers at home in the summer on the grill. She’d shred 1/3 cheddar cheese, 1/3 grated white onion and 1/3 peeled apple and then stuff the burgers. I know this sounds yucky but to me it was wonderful! Add some worcester sauce to the mix and some pub mustard….O and of course toast the bun on the grill and it was nirvana. I usually don’t like my burgers too chefy but this was okay by me. ~~dru~~

  4. Having been a burger jockey for a year, & cooked over 72 tons of ground beef on a flat griddle, my tastes evolved toward the simple… An onion Kaiser roll, (or, a brioche bun), toasted lightly, with liberal amount of mayo with a spot of mustard; yellow onions grilled until sweet; 1/3 to 1/2 lb. quality beef, with at least 25% fat for flavor; 2 slices real American cheese. That’s it, and all it needs to achieve gustatory bliss….

    Chocolate is versatile, and can surprise with what it complements. I didn’t believe at first, but, cabernet sauvignon wine and raspberry flavored chocolate is outstanding…. as is chicken mole, if done right. If used on a burger, it would have to be used lightly, like with the bleu cheese, so it doesn’t cover all the other flavors… I’ll have to experiment with that… but, I agree with you. When it comes to burgers, simple works best…


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