Veterans Day–2016

A large Thank you to all veterans……

This is a “press” of my post about my time in the US Army and Vietnam…..I try to let my former unit get some much deserved exposure…..for their story has been lost in the narrative of the Rangers…..

We Vietnam vets are slowly dying out and their narrative will be lost along with the heroes of the Korean War… I will take every opportunity to let my readers know about the vets of my era…….

Please take some time and watch their story….I am proud that I was a LRRP in Vietnam……

Today we honor our veterans from our wars……this will be my last post of the day….as a Vietnam Vet I am taking the day to remember fallen friends and reflect on life and liberty…

Source: Veterans Day–2015 #2 – In Saner Thought

Thanx for your time and I hope you learned something about this unsung unit….

Have a great day…..take a minute and say a prayer for our troops and our veterans…thank you!


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