A Shared Experience

I have written many times about there being “no shared experience” by the American people….but they continue to wrap themselves in the flag as if there was….simply proclaiming one is a patriot does not make it so….

By now everyone has seen the confrontations of the NAs and the pipeline people in North Dakota……whether you agree with their stands or not…the NAs have a good point…it is their land and they should decide who or what will destroy it….

RAMZY BAROUD writes on the similarities between the Native American and Palestinian struggles

THOUSANDS of Native Americans resurrected the fighting spirit of their forefathers as they stood in unprecedented unity to contest an oil company’s desecration of their sacred land in North Dakota. Considering its burdened historical context, this has been one of the most moving events in recent memory.

The standoff, involving 5,000 Native American protesters, including representatives of 200 tribes and environmental groups, has been largely reduced in news reports to a matter of technical detail — concerning issues of permits and legal proceedings.

At best, both the tribes and the oil company are treated as if they are equal parties in a purportedly proportionate tussle.

Source: Morning Star :: A spirited fight for justice | The Peoples Daily

Back in the 60’s my grandfather when talking about the Israel-Arab conflict said…..”If the Palestinians were in this country they would be Apache” (he chose Apache because he was Jicarilla)…..even 50 years ago he saw where the two people had a shared experience…..

No matter how it is cut there will be those that do not see the similarities because they reduce everyone down to a stereotype….ignore all you like but the truth is that the similarities are there.

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