After ‘Destroying’ Canada, Stephen Harper Leaving Politics

I have a few readers from the north, Canada, to be accurate……while we Americans pay little attention to our neighbors to the north…..some things are universal……like politicians that leave office and immediately set about making their fortune on their “good” name.

I mean look at the fortune that Bubba has put together with that corrupted piece of crap he calls the Clinton Global Initiative……..and now his wife has eyes on her next fortune……

Sorry I digress……looks like Canadian politicians are NO different from their American counterparts…..

News that former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper would be leaving politics presumably to “make his fortune” was met with derision and delight from his many critics who say that the conservative MP “destroyed the social fabric of Canada.”

Harper is expected to resign from federal politics before Parliament resumes in the fall. According to the Globe and Mail, which broke the news Wednesday, he plans to “pursue new interests on corporate boards and the establishment of a foreign policy institute,” which, according to an undisclosed source, “won’t be academic or domestic-policy focused…but directed largely at global ‘big picture’ issues.”

And one former policy director speculated that those issues will likely include free trade, in addition to Harper’s “geopolitical thinking” in regards to human rights, democracy, and “standing up to authoritarian regimes.”

uring his tenure as Prime Minister, which spanned from 2006-2015, Harper was known internationally for pushing through an aggressive conservative agenda which included: wholesale investment in fossil fuels, including Canadian tar sands; blocking international efforts to combat climate change; dismantling civil liberties through mass surveillance; unflinching support of Israel and attempts to outlaw pro-Palestinian boycott movements; supporting numerous wars overseas; and willfully ignoring the treaty rights of Canadian First Nations, among many other things.

After word of his imminent departure broke, critics took to social media to speculate about what may be next for the man accused of turning Canada into a “climate villain.”


I would like to hear from my readers from the north…..please let my other readers know what is what in Canada…..all opinions welcome…..


11 thoughts on “After ‘Destroying’ Canada, Stephen Harper Leaving Politics

  1. Good story -eh? Good links too. Thanks. While nobody in America gives a shit, what happened to Canuckistan is a great Case Study of what can happen to a decent nation in under 10 years. This is actually the short version of my tirade. The list of Herr Harper’s crimes is very long.

    The much-hated Brian Mulroney sold us to America with trade deals and insulted us with his smarmy, “salad tossing” of Raygun. He also made the straight-to-corporate-boards jump a commonplace thing. But Stephen Herpes was unquestionably the worst thing that ever happened to Canada.

    Even before seizing office, Harper was destroying Canadian politics. He destroyed one of Canada’s original political parties, the Progressive Conservative Party (PC). While leader of a secondary, more radical, RW party, the CRAP (Yes! Look it up.) Harper conspired to murder the PCs with his right-hand douche, Peter MacKay. MacKay had just won the PC leadership promising to never merge with the CRAP. A few months later, He & Harper killed off both parties and created The Conservatives. They jettisoned all “progressive” policies & members. Even the name Progressive was deleted from history.

    The Conservatives became a Canadian party using American style politics. (Big money, negative ads, etc) That was NEVER done here before. Herr Harper used Karl Rove style “base-politics”. He split the vote with a black-magic formula concocted in a CIA blacksite located in Alberta to win elections with barely over 1/3 of the votes!

    Once in power, Herr Harper fundamentally changed longstanding policies & philosophies:

    – He changed Canada’s post-WW2 identity as a “nation of peacekeepers” to a post-9/11 partner in America’s Perpetual War. He was often more hawkish than his American counterparts, demanding more direct involvement in nearly every American conflict zone. He also kept trying to spend money like the American war machine. (attempted to buy F35 turkeys even). He gave money to drone makers and promoted Canadian MISC Industries at every opportunity.

    – He turned the longstanding Canadian position of “neutral honest brokers” in Israelistine into an “Israel can do NO wrong. Ever!” policy. He was decidedly more pro-Israel than either of his American counterparts were. On several occasions, he was more militant than Bibi was!

    – He turned Canada from a mid-pack nation on Climate Change to arguably THE biggest Climate Change villain on the planet. He didn’t even pretend to care. He was the ONLY leader to exit the Kyoto Protocol, even though it was purely symbolic at that point. Harper pimped oil like it was a teenage virgin he picked up at a bus station. His government openly equated environmentalists with terrorists.

    – Herr Harper turned Canada into a virtual-fascist state under his personal command. He had utter contempt for democratic processes. Numerous members of his government were caught & convicted of election-rigging offences. He put a ball-gag in the mouth of every member of his party. He openly despised the press and blacklisted media outlets daring to criticize him. (There were big spending cuts to the public broadcaster, the CBC.) Toronto’s G20 summit was akin to a (non-denominational) historical re-enactment of Kristallnacht. He passed several sweeping “anti-terror” laws declaring Canada was under constant threat of attack and that our rights were in the way.

    As mentioned in the main-story link, Bill C-51 was the worst of them. It allowed unprecedented violations of rights without even so much as a WW1 or 2 as an excuse. Among dozens of things, it actually made it a crime to write on the Internet “I wish that group planning to cut off Steven Harper’s head had actually succeeded.” Did you catch that CSIS???

    – Oh, and he turned a longstanding budget surplus into a longstanding deficit. Combined with his mishandling of the economy & unconditional love of Free Trade, he steered Canuckistan from being a rich manufacturing nation toward a 3rd World commodity (oil) producer. Nice work, Mr Conservative!

      1. And THAT was exactly Harper’s mission in life! Hell, Harper even took a break from politics in the 90’s to lead an anti-tax lobby group, doing his best Grover Nordquist impersonation. Those links I posted do a great job of documenting his changes & his long list of crimes (actual crimes even). Although, half his crimes are “just another day” in America, But here, most of them were previously unthinkable transgressions. (ie Robocalling lefties to non-existant voting locations), But he got away with it all…and practically won another term.

        Mulroney loved America, but Harper wanted to turn Canada into the 51st state…and a Red State at that. The PCs were more of a “government in waiting” that kept the Liberals honest, rather than an ideologically driven party. In the 70’s & early 80’s, they were basically socialists by today’s standards. Conservative, but Progressive too. Harper killed all that, drove Canadian conservatism from “centrist Democrats” to borderline Tebaggers…but with less easily dismissable crazy.

        Harper was no idiot. Hell, he was better at GOP than the real GOP! Calm, cool, collected. Scheming, calculating, manipulative. Nasty, controlling, bullying. Always throwing out wedge issues to work “the base” & divide opposition parties & their voters. A very clever man who left no stone un-turned. After all, he got a semi-socialist nation to buy into GOP politics. Shit, Patriotism & Guns even became popular rallying points for fucks sakes! Neither was even on the political radar before, never mind politically effective issues.

        That’s my greatest fear. That, like Raygun, he re-defined the nation and gave it a new “setpoint”, a Year Zero. Dude skull-fucked this country FAR more than anyone realizes.

        Trudeau 2: Electric Boogaloo is honestly a really nice guy with some good ideas. Met him once when he was a teen. But he’ll be Canuckistan’s Obama (only with absolute power). But unlike his dad, he’s got NO balls. He won’t undo ANYTHING his predecessor did or punish him for his crimes. Harperism will probably be the New Normal (certainly for Conservatives) and the political spectrum will never return to what it was.

        Hope I’m wrong. But on the plus side…Justin promises to make weed legal, so I can “cope better”.

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