The Hillary Clinton/Neocon Merger

By now my readers know that I will NOT be voting for Hillary and her entourage in November…there are many reason why I dislike her…..she is a candidate of the 1% and she is a bigger neocon than GW ever was…..all we have to look forward to if she is elected is more of the same crap we have today…..if she is a progressive then I am a Mexican gardener……

But since I believe the foreign policy will be the most important issue in the next few years…..yes the economy needs repair but we are chasing too many wars for too few good reasons…..and Hillary and her neocon buddies will rule the day….

In this crazy year — actually a non-stop circus for 18 months — the press has engaged in an orgy of vitriol and bloodletting against the presumptive Republican nominee for the presidency with a hysteria I have never seen in my life against any mainstream party candidate. And the Donald probably deserves a great deal of it.

Yes, we can all see now how Trump is engaged in shredding, maybe even remaking the Republican party — creative destruction. That, in the view of many including myself, is basically a good thing, given how far off the rails of reality the party has drifted.

Trump has trashed the neocon war party, blamed George W. Bush for the debacle in Iraq and elsewhere, wants to throttle way back on foreign wars, and has declared a readiness to talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin — otherwise treated in the US press as toxic and satanic. (Though even Chuck Hagel, former Secretary of Defense, recently had the temerity to suggest that things with Russia were getting dangerous and that we should be in constant dialog with Putin.)

Source: The Hillary Clinton/Neocon Merger – Consortiumnews

Do you want to see this country in more and more wars?  That is what you will have if you vote for Hillary and her neocon buddies……

While I am not impressed with too many of the candidates this time…..but Hillary is a nightmare waiting to happen.

I weep for your children.


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