“We Need More Troops”

I have written about the necessity of the reinstatement of the draft (conscription for those that have NO idea what the Draft is all about)…..I call for it because I feel that there is NO shared experience in war ……this country turns its back on our troops the first chance they get because they do not have to think about it….no one cares.

If you would like to check out what I had to say……

The US seems to be Hell bent on continuing war upon war……and if so then it will need to drastically change its way of think about the military….that is if they want a primo milita…

Source: Time To Re-Think Conscription? | Ace News Room

I have been writing about this since 2007…..

Things are not going well for the military, what with Iraq and Afghanistan and any other conflict that Bush wishes to engage in . US Troops are being extended an extra 4 months, the National Guard …

Source: Why No Draft? – In Saner Thought

This country is at war…….granted it is not a declared war but if troops die then it is a war……..and we enter into a new conflict almost monthly and we have only a finite amount of troops to use for these deployment…..

But no one in Washington seems to hear the call…..and they say that we need more troops…..

The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee has introduced a defense bill that would increase the U.S. Army by 45,000 soldiers.

Rep. Mac Thornberry’s version of the fiscal 2017 National Defense Authorization Bill would provide money to add 20,000 soldiers to the active Army’s end-strength, bringing it to 480,000.

The bill would also add 15,000 to the National Guard and 10,000 to the Reserves, resulting in a Guard strength of 350,000 and a Reserve strength of 205,000. The panel was expected to approve the measure on Wednesday.

Under the President Barack Obama’s current proposed defense budget, the Army projects its end-strength to be at a total of 980,000 soldiers by fiscal 2018, including 450,000 for the active force, 335,000 for the Army National Guard and 195,000 for the Army Reserve.

But how will this increase be handled without a draft?

Oh they have a plan…….

Thornberry’s revised budget earmarks just over $2 billion in additional funding for the troop increase, according to language in the bill. That’s about $2.5 billion short of what the Army would need, according to Army senior leaders that have testified it will cost about $1 billion for every 10,000 soldiers.

“Where possible, Chairman Thornberry’s proposal cuts excessive or wasteful expenditures and rededicates those resources to urgent needs,” according to the bill’s summary. “Even with a vigorous re-prioritization of programs, the Committee was unable to make up essential shortages in the President’s budget and simultaneously provide a full year of contingency funding.

“The proposal is designed to restore strength to the force through readiness investments and agility through much needed reforms, while providing a more solid foundation for the next President to address actual national security needs,” it states

I love the thought process in DC….they are best called MORONS!

Here is a simple solution…..the draft is just inactive….re-activate and all this creative bullsh*t will not be necessary.

Simple solutions are always the best solutions.


7 thoughts on ““We Need More Troops”

  1. If we didn’t have our troops spread out in 132 or more different locations around the map trying to enforce the peace or restore order or protect somebody’s interests — not often our own by the way — If we brought some of those troops home or concentrated them in fewer locations we probably would never face a shortage of boots on the ground as some people like to call them. We are spread out too much … far too much!

    1. I agree…I still think the only way to unite this country again is with a shared experience…most do not like what that means…but I think it would help.

      1. Do you mean something on the order of Pearl Harbor? The reason I ask is because that is how I have viewed the needed “shared” experience… a disaster of major proportions to unite us all.

    2. Hey, Germany needs protection from a Nazi resurgence er a Soviet invasion from East Germany er….uh…..ISIS troops racing down the autobahn in their pickups???

      And I’m sure all American bases around the world are there for equally “valid” reasons. So, money well spent! Much better than wasting it on healthcare or education for The Poors.

      Sarcasm aside, you’re right. The US Empire is just far too big to sustain. It has to scale back and stop trying to control every damn thing that goes on in the world.

  2. This one’s too big for me this time of day. My initial reaction to the title was, “like we need more holes in our head.” In at least one sense, more if you count a warning from the past, adding more troops will only encourage those who believe in conflict. The warning came from several founding fathers, regarding allowing a professional military to be formed. They, as you believe, were supposed to be composed of citizens, not graduates of a military college, whose only purpose in life is conflict, and, as such, are as easily manipulated as any drug addict.

    I don’t know the answer, but, I don’t believe a draft is going to help, either way, for the whole issue is just part of the whole, which is completely out of anyone’s control.

    gigoid, the dubious

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