Coming Full Circle

Time for a rant……

From time to time I have written about events happening within the US military…..most recently it has been the plan to retire the A-10 Warthog… my opinion a very bad decision for the combat ground forces in the military that are asked to carry out ops all over the world….

As a combat vet of the Vietnam War I appreciate the pilots and the aircraft that gave us close support in hot situations…..back in the day it was planes like the P-40, P-38 and the P-51…….these planes were called upon during WW2 to provide close air support of our troops……


It will become clearer why I included these photos as one continues to read…..

The A-10 Warthog has been the most successfully modern day aircraft in close support of troops in the field…..heavily armored and armed and flies slow enough for the pilots to get good accurate bearings before engaging….this is ugly but a piece of art in flight…..

This plane has performed close support in time of war it was pivotal in the defeat of Saddam on both occasions……and the troops love this “beast” over all others….but now this plane is said to be replaced soon by this expensive piece of brick…..the F-35……

After throwing billions at this program we have a couple of flying models but there seems to be more problems developing…..

  • Current aircraft software is inadequate for even basic pilot training.
  • Ejection seat may fail, causing pilot fatality.
  • Several pilot-vehicle interface issues, including lack of feedback on touchscreen controls.
  • The radar performs poorly, or not at all.
  • Engine replacement takes an average of 52 hours, instead of the two hours specified.
  • Maintenance tools do not work.

And those are the problems we know about…God only knows how much of the “secret” stuff is faulty……and we still throw billions at this thing all in an attempt to replace the Warthog…..a silly waste of time and money.

The B-52 has been in operation since the 1950’s it is continuously upgraded to meet 21st century situations…..why not do the same with a reliable plane for close air support…..the A-10 Warthog?

Okay I made my point that the A-10 deserves to remain in service to the troops and that the F-35 is a piece manure that some defense contractor convinced Congress that we cannot live without…..but how does this live up to the name of the post…..Coming Full Circle?

I am so glad you asked!

You see there is another attempt to give the troops a close support place that is as effective as the ‘Hog…..and that will be a major operation…..

A company called Hawker-Beechcraft has come up with a design that I could approve of…..the AT-6

It may not have all the weapons as the A-10 but it can be modified to act in the same capacity as the ‘Hog……personally I would trust this design over s supersonic brick if I was in need of close support….

Now do you understand the title?

The best idea may well be the original idea.



6 thoughts on “Coming Full Circle

  1. Not much of RANT….:)
    Cool photos….Hawker Siddley…
    Names change and merge…Still British…..grin

  2. My Grandfather served on a Liberty Ship,(cook, non com) back then they were the wart hogs of the military. I toured one of the last ones around and also one of the first submarines, BOTH very scary. I have no problems with the British, hell some of us came from there. A lovely post….THANX! dru

  3. A10 isn’t really ugly. Neither is f35. Its problems are all fixable, its just too expensive, they could’ve designed and manufactured 3 different planes for the price. This form of inefficiency is ok, though. Creates lots of spare aerospace capacity, for the unlikely case that it will be needed. There’s no shortage of labor.

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