Some Veterans Figure It Out

I seems like every week we creep closer and closer to yet another “war”…..I will admit that I am an anti-war person or as I was called back in the day a ‘peace-nik”…..when I returned from Vietnam I started down my path to try and get people to see that wars are not always what they are told…..that there were nefarious reasons for war…..and it had little to do with “God and country”….

I read this piece in the LA Progressive and thought that it was something that everyone should read….

Source: Some Veterans Figure It Out

My two tours of duty in Vietnam helped me to become an activist….war changes people sometimes for the better…..only someone that faced death in a war zone will understand what I am saying….it is not something that can be explained to someone who was not there….when I was sent to talk with a therapist I would ask one question…..”were you there”?  If the answer was no then I would walk out…..opinions are like assholes….everybody has one but if you have no first hand knowledge then your opinion carries NO weight.

Okay, I’m off my soapbox…..any comments?

8 thoughts on “Some Veterans Figure It Out

  1. Well, my friend, your statement leaves little room to maneuver, but, I will point out that there are many who have not been on a battlefield who have still been at war. Almost any inner city gang member grew up just like the Viet children, with guns and violence as a backdrop to their cartoons. Or, those who grew up in poverty, for that too is a war; economic, but nonetheless terrifying to experience.

    I spent almost 12 years as a psych tech,working on wards/units with the most violent insane people in the world, and was involved in over 750 major, serious altercations, as I was a specialist in managing assaultive behavior, because of my martial arts background…. Now, due to my particular brand of PTSD, whenever I feel deep emotion, I weep.uncontrollably until I regain composure….But, I think you can admit, my opinions are fairly well reasoned, though I’ve never fired a weapon AT anyone, or been caught in a situation where I was fired on. I do try to keep my wits about me….

    You are right about opinions and assholes, but, perhaps an adjustment, to consider those opinions whose owners are “informed”, or knowledgeable & educated other than by battle, which is admittedly trial by fire, and will always bring out the true nature of anyone. Try to remember many of us activists got there by a different road, but we’re all going the same place, hopefully….

    ‘Course, if it’s just some ignorant asshole talking through that orifice, well, everybody has to deal with the consequences of their actions, one way or another…. Such behavior in front of me is liable to gain them some awfully bad memories….

    Peace, bro…


    1. I meant no disrespect just do not converse about Vietnam and that war with people that were not there…..I worked with many activists in the day that came from different directions and we worked well together….just different views on the war.

  2. None, other than you are right!
    My Uncle who is 90 years of age has spoken a little……
    He was in Sri Lanka/Ceylon
    He contracted polio during the war and fought it all his life…..
    He would slide down cliff paths to swim in the sea for years and crawl up them again and again and again.
    He is in a wheel chair now……

  3. ” . . . it is not something that can be explained to someone who was not there …. just like the smell of burning human flesh … you have to smell it to understand what it really is. . . Like Cordite from exploding shells … Like Jungle musk … like the smell of what happens to feet that have been in ground water too long … Like the sound of artillery shells going overhead …. like the sound of Huey blades … Gotta have experienced it … yes … you are true with this one … And just imagine that our wars are micro-managed by civvies who have never picked up a gun … disgusting!

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