the intolerance of force

I am always looking for a way to give the Palestinians a voice…..for their stories are ignored by the Western Press….

I found a Palestinian single mother that struggles with life under Occupation…..her words are powerful trying to cope and raise her four children….her words are perfect to put a human face on the Palestinian cause..

Please take some time a read her words…..I believe they will open eyes of the world….chuq

نادية حرحش

I woke up this morning on the screams of Serena and Yasmina asking me to wake up and to have my mobile on a scene that was occurring out of our window.

Still half awake half sleep from an unknown source of pain that hasn’t been allowing me to sleep recently, I stood up at the window watching. It was right under our home.

A police or army car, it really doesn’t make any difference any more was standing opposite the road, while another huge car more of a military one was stopping next to ours. A group of soldiers were surrounding the young man, whom I could only see his jacket and hitting him in all directions and pulled him to one of the cars. I think they kept hitting him until more help came in.

After the scene ended, I headed back to bed, still half asleep my…

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