Have Libertarians Changed?

It is official……we now have at least 4 candidates for president…..2 GOP and 2 Dems……I am sure some third parties will enter starting very soon.

Something to think about……Rand Paul is basically a Libertarian even though he is a GOP mouth piece……maybe we should ask him how he stands on the list below……it maybe a list from the 80’s but how does it stand up in 2016?

Voters need to ask questions instead of just nodding when some pea brain mumbles some mindless slogan…..if you want change then demand answers….NOT SLOGANS!

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4 thoughts on “Have Libertarians Changed?

  1. Uh, where’s the 2015 list, so we can compare the changes? (Ha! Ha!) Where’s the DEA? Or was that not around in 1980?

    I’ve got to admit, I do agree with a couple of these suggestions. I’d love to see the CIA disappear altogether. I’d also be cool with seeing a lot of the FBI get gutted (especially the Entrapment Department which now gets a majority of their budget http://www.businessinsider.com/the-fbi-hatched-some-crazy-terror-plots-2013-3 ) And the Federal Reserve needs to be blown to bits (oops the NSA is watching) severely “re-imagined”.

    But, other than the IRS, most of the rest on this list have become pale shadows of what they were in 1980. For example, does the FDA actually DO anything anymore other than allow corporations to use us all as human Guinea Pigs? Does the FCC do anything but fine people for saying “bad” words or exposing too much butt crack?

    Sometimes it seems the major reason some of these outfits are still around is to hand out cushy jobs to party loyalists.

    1. I agree there are a couple I would like to see disappear…..the cushy thing sounds about right…..is that not the definition of a bureaucrat?

      1. Long, rambling comment but…

        1) It’s all about those President, VP, level government posts. All the money, the lack of actual work/knowledge required, the glamour of the post and…above all…it’s a GREAT resume builder for their inevitable rotating-door-trip to the private sector.

        Even here in socialist Canuckistan, public services are being savaged to the point where they’re really just excuses to give party loyalists jobs…jobs where “success/failure” is completely irrelevant.

        Self-appointed PM for life, Stephen Herpes, has gutted VIA Rail (Canada’s Amtrack) to the point where they now HIRE PRIVATE SHUTTLE BUSES to shuttle travellers from closed stations to open ones. Also, Canada Post will no longer be delivering mail! They’ll soon be just another courier company. So, other than to employ Conservative Party loyalists, what point is there to Canada Post?

        2) I was shocked to discover the IRS is now getting savaged by Republicans eager to punish them for investigating Teabagger groups. I just saw John Oliver’s latest show talking about recent cuts of 20% to the IRS budget.

        3) I was shocked to learn the FBI now spends more of their budget inventing “terrorism” for the purposes of “protecting” us from it than they do on REAL crimes. https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2015/02/26/fbi-manufacture-plots-terrorism-isis-grave-threats/

        There was an FBI Show Trial put on in my neck of the woods recently where the truth, despite an intense cover-up, became visible to very keen observers. The trial was almost cancelled altogether last year likely because their FBI informant (working on Canuckistan soil!) was so sketchy. The trial proceeded once they figured out a way to completely hide his identity from everyone and purge most of the embarrassing details. “Highlights” include:

        – The “terrorists” actually thought they could target & derail a specific passenger train on the busiest rail corridor in the nation by destroying a railway bridge…WITH CORDLESS TOOLS! Nuff said!
        – The FBI informant lied under oath about his name (and probably everything else).
        – The court was cleared so nobody would ever have any idea who the guy really was (Conman?)
        – The press was forbidden from reporting any of the above (and more) until after this shit-show was over and the public was force-fed the official version cleansed of all potentially embarrassing facts.
        – Journalists couldn’t even report that they weren’t allowed to report certain details until after the ban expired. That included anything that would cause coverage to deviate from the official script. (ie past run-ins with law might question previous government inaction and/or provide a motive for targeting the defendants…or just the mental stability of the “terror cell”.)


        Less than coincidentally, the Show Trial just so happened to be held at the exact same time Herr Harper’s government introduced and even more draconian, driftnet-spying, legislation that would also criminalize speech which posed a (completely undefined) “threat” to Canada/Canadians. Just as non-coincidentally, the SAME day the Courtroom hi-jinks were allowed to be reported, a “major terror arrest” was made that pushed the truth to the back pages. I don’t even remember what the terror arrest was about. I think it was some vague Internet based threat to do something the guy couldn’t possibly achieve.

        We’ll never be allowed to know, but I’m sure this was yet another Newburgh Trial http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/21/arts/television/the-newburgh-sting-on-hbo-about-bronx-bomb-plot.html?_r=0 where the Military-Industrial-Spy Complex finds a few Muslims suffering from desperate poverty and/or mental health problems, then pays some criminal douche with money/charges dropped/immigration papers to collect & entrap them in a pretend plot. The plot is written, produced & directed by the FBI and their informant. It is a complete fiction that could never happen.

        The FBI guy roles around in cars costing 6 figures, has designer clothes & jewellery, flashes cash left & right, and makes promises of big paydays to the broke retards he’s conning. Indeed, not that it did any good, but one of the VIA Rail patsies said he was just hanging around for the money.

        Yes, and so are the FBI informants and the FBI itself. There’s lots of money in to be made in courtroom fictions!

      2. You may ramble all you desire….The IRS thing…..why would you eliminate the source of revenue collection that pays their salaries……or destroy the source of cash for wars…..

        DEA should be on that list……a waste of cash if ever there was one…..FBI has been entrapping people for 50 years probably more…..the whole law enforcement sector needs a massive shake up……

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