Truth In Advertising—Redux

In the past I have written many times about the campaigns and the lies they all spread…….UK has a law that only truth (simplistically put) can be in campaign ads…..and I think it is a great law……..the Us is swayed by lies and then they cannot figure out what happened….they want to believe that all is on the up and up…….

SCOTUS will be hearing a law from within the borders of this country, did not know about it, and their ruling could be something good but unfortunately with their abysmal record I am not very optimistic……from a report filed by Traci G. Lee…….

Are false statements about political candidates a criminal offense? According to an Ohio law which is the subject of an upcoming Supreme Court case, the answer is “yes.”

The Supreme Court will consider a challenge next week to an Ohio law that prohibits an individual or group from knowingly or recklessly making false statements in political campaigns. The case, Susan B. Anthony List v. Driehaus, was filed last August after conservative anti-abortion group the Susan B. Anthony List attempted to launch a billboard campaign in 2010 against former Rep. Steve Driehaus, a Democrat, who ended up losing his re-election bid.

The billboard would have claimed that Driehaus supported taxpayer-funded abortions because of his support for the Affordable Care Act. Driehaus appealed to the Ohio Elections Commission, invoking the Ohio law that barred false campaign statements, and the advertising company that owned the billboard space refused to rent it to the Susan B. Anthony List.

The question the Supreme Court justices will consider is whether the Ohio law violates the First Amendment, which the Susan B. Anthony List argues it does. “The Ohio Election Commission statute demonstrates complete disregard for the Constitutional right of people to criticize their elected officials,” SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser said in a press release last year, adding, “Driehaus’ original complaint should have never been enabled in the first place. The law must go.”

What a precedent that would set if SCOTUS would do the right thing……..about here I should be laughing at the thought of SCOTUS doing anything constructive…… my friend Larry from Woodgate’s View said……..”I must have had pessimistic pudding for breakfast”  (thanx Larry I needed that this morning)……..

Any thoughts?




2 thoughts on “Truth In Advertising—Redux

  1. For a SCOTUS that has no problem equating corporations as people and money as speech, it won’t be that difficult for them to come up with some convoluted rationale that says lying is guaranteed in the 1st amendment.

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