Are Americans Capable Of Change?

CHANGE!  That magical word that can deliver votes.  Every American wants and sometimes demands change……but are they capable of change?  Or is it just a political slogan to win over the population?

This has been a post in the making….I started with the opening statement and weeks later I am still trying to put it together…….

Americans say they are looking for change……most are not….what they are looking for is their party or candidate or whatever to be elected.  To change Washington you would have to change the system…….ALL candidates are funded by special interests and they fund the candidates to get what they want….and they want things to remain the same…..they have a free run of DC they will NOT give that prestige up for any reason or than to be forced and I mean FORCED to relinquish their stranglehold on politics….and that my friend will never happen….not with the Dems or the GOP or the Tea Party or whatever little group one belongs.

Congress approval rating is at 13%, the lowest point in history and yet this rating does nothing to change their thinking and their policies……..the voter’s concerns means nothing to these people.  In a recent survey 72% of this polled say that elected officials do not deserve to be re-elected and yet they are almost every time.

Do Americans really want change?

The reps will offer up reform and reform is NOT change.  Reform is something done to appear to be concerned and changeable but in reality all it is is a feel good situation that gives the illusion of change.  With reform the underlying problems will remain just out of sight.

Sorry to say but voting is another feel good situation for the people….they are not in control of the process…..they get to vote on a person chosen for them…..and that sounds a lot like the old USSR where voters got to vote yes or no on a candidate…..ours is a bit more sophisticated but it is basically a yes or no vote.

Another problem is the people accept the reform as change…either they are ignorant or they are just naive…….there has never been real change…..a butt load of reforms but change has been elusive.

Personally I do not believe that there will be substantial change in my lifetime…..and that brings me to a quote I have in the back of my old radical brain….”There is NO solution….but revolution”.  Now the word revolution will make a lot of my readers shudder……remember though there are many ways to have a revolution and NOT all involve a bang bang shoot’m up………

If you are NOT willing to make change….then please stop using the term…..for so far all it is is a political campaign prop.  And a real cute bumper sticker.


8 thoughts on “Are Americans Capable Of Change?

  1. It’s tough at the national level so many grassroots organizations are effecting change at the local level, hoping to gain in popularity so they can spread their efforts to regions, statewide and eventually to the national level.

    This seems to be the most practical approach to our problem

    1. The problem is that most of the issues that are locally are nothing but antics….there is NO rel solutions…….at least in my state…..hopefully the rest of the country is not as ignorant as Mississippi.

      1. “The problem is that most of the issues that are locally are nothing but antics….there is NO rel solutions”

        Somebody ate a lot of Pessimistic Pudding for breakfast this morning. The solutions are always there. It just requires the will of the people to put them into play. I’m cynical and pessimistic too Chuq but I refuse to let the fat cats win. if we can’t beat them we can sure as hell make their lives miserable.

        We are on the right side of history in these fights to raise the plight of most people. Time is the only thing that makes it seem too far out of reach but it can also work in our favor in the form of a steady drumbeat, gathering larger forces. Suffering will not go away but it can be endured and once that stubbornness is apparent to the 1% we will begin to see cracks in their armor.

        We did it in the 1930’s. We can do it again.

      2. I agree Larry….we can do it…but we have to overcome the BS passed off as facts……check my next post a little later it runs along these lines……

  2. “Congress approval rating is at 13%, the lowest point in history and yet this rating does nothing to change their thinking and their policies”

    That’s it, right there.

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