What Is All This Gun BS?

This will be my last post on this subject……no matter what is said….it is wrong….depending on where you stand……

Because the crazies on both sides of this issue are trolling the internet…..I thought I would give them something to do……….the question is…..what is all this gun BS about?  First, NOTHING will be done other than some band aid like background checks and that will be it…….so stop whining!  Second, NO one is coming for your guns and that includes Obama……if you think so name one law he enacted that jeopardized your guns…….Dems do not have the  nuts to take on gun issues and neither do the Repubs……not even common sense solutions will be dead on arrival…….Third, even if some law was enacted it would not get past the states…..look at abortion or voting rights or pick a subject……the state legislatures will find a way around any federal law that they do not agree with…..so stop whining there is No way any guns will be confiscated from “law abiding” citizens…….

I have had a couple of my right wing friends say that I bitch a lot but offer no solutions……first, that is bullshit!  I have offered solutions they just either disagree or do not read enough of this blog to make an accurate assumption…….

My most extreme solution to gun ownership is that No one can own a gun if they have not served in the military……if a person has put their life on the line for their country then they should have some special dispensations……Now I realize this is a “no fly” and like I said it is my most extreme solution……

Everybody is entitled to hunting guns, shotguns and handguns…….no assault weapons….but if we must have assault weapons in the hands of civilians then No magazine over 12 rounds…….if a person needs more than 12 shots then they are a menace to society or flipping blind!  And if they need more than 12 shots to defend themselves then buy a shotgun because you are a  moron and a danger to yourself…….okay then we will have the ea brains that say they hunt with an assault weapon……..if you are that bad of a shot then do your hunting at Winn-Dixie……..

Finally, all this accusations of people coming for your guns is nothing but a way to sell more guns…….it is propaganda that is preying on people’s fear and paranoia……I reiterate….NO ONE IS COMING FOR YOUR GUNS!  Stop whining and get a grip!


12 thoughts on “What Is All This Gun BS?

  1. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    When a massacre by assault weapons with casualities the size of 911 is perpetrated on an American fortress of security and safety, such as another elementary school….where many innocent lives are taken from us, then and only then will sensible gun reform action be taken.

    And it will happen. Just give it time.

    Great post Opus Libertas.

    1. First, let me apologize for the delay in my replies….my wifi provider is making life miserable…..

      Juesepi, thanx for the reblog and the props…..I tend to agree…this is far from over…

  2. I don’t mean to intrude on your blog but I’m having difficulty tracking with liberal reasoning. You say not to worry, NO ONE IS COMING FOR YOUR GUNS! But I’m wondering whether to believe you or the Senator, Dianne Feinstein who just said …. “The purpose is to dry up the supply of these weapons over time.”
    She wants a ban on any weapon with “one military characteristic.” You know … something that shoots bullets.

    1. Cry, I do not think it is imposition you may visit a comment as much as you would like and thanx for the visit….

      Feinstein is playing theatrics…..I still say NO One is coming for your guns…..like I said…about all that will get done is background checks…..the rest is just role playing…..

      1. Good morning Lobotero. Possibly. But be not deceived, These people have perfected the art of incrementally getting what they want … just a step at a time.
        I hope you and yours have a good weekend.

      2. Thanx for the return hope to see you often……when it comes to gun ownership I do not think they can sneak up on anyone……have a good weekend…..

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