Right-Wing Paranoia


17 thoughts on “Paranoia

  1. It’s not paranoia. Senator Feinstein flatout told a 60 Minutes interviewer that she would propose a total gun ban if she thought she had the votes.

    The exact quote:

    If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them [guns] —Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in—I would have done it.

    San Francisco Chronicle

    In the 1990s, Obama said:

    I don’t believe people should be able to own guns.


    Andrew Cuomo is banning magazines that hold more than seven bullets. Isn’t that cute? Other than revolvers and shotguns, how many weapons do you know of that take so small a clip? It’s nothing but a gun-grab.

    You can peddle all the propaganda you want, but I’ve ample reason to believe that Democrats are going to severely curb the Second Amendment…Or, die trying…

    Feinstein better keep her fucking mouth shut talking that shit. You start talking about going to someone’s house and taking their guns, people get pissed. I fucking wish they would try that shit on me. I’d be either dead or in fucking jail – I promise you.

    Liberals won’t be happy until they start another civil war…

    1. Lobotero,

      You’re either part of the conspiracy – or just another puppet. I’m not sure which.

      The good news is that Feinstein’s gun-grab will go nowhere in the House, and Cuomo’s Safe Act will probably be ruled unconstitutional by our somewhat-conservative Supreme Court.

      Those two things are all that’s keeping Democrats from banning guns outright, like England. And don’t tell me no because Feinstein said as much. You read the quote for yourself.

      Liberals want to disarm people because liberalism is an inherently fascist philosophy that will, through force, implement their agenda. It’s much easier to do when the people can’t fight back.

      They’ll never take mine. They’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

      Think I’m a gun-nut? Whatever. I’m a freedom-nut, and I promise they’ll never take a single weapon from me. And there’s millions of other people who think just like me. And people far more dangerous than me.

      You see, I’ve no evil intentions. My only intent is to protect what is mine and to protect my constitutional rights – through peaceful protest if possible.

      But some people don’t see things like I do. Other people, the Timothy McVeigh types, might take things to the extreme…And I would advise Feinstein and other Democrats to watch what they do and say very carefully…

      I know many people in organizations like the Michigan Milita. They’re not exactly sane people, so liberals need to tread carefully. And they need to stop trying to curb our constitutional rights.

      I support civil disobedience; they support outright fucking war.

      1. Terrance, I live in the state of stupid, Mississippi….we have crazies behind every tree and we have a butt load of trees….I believe England has relaxed their laws on guns…….there is No one coming for your guns…..if you take the politicians at their word then you have nothing to fear….

    2. And I say that Feinstein better keep her fucking mouth shut not as a threat, but as a piece of advice. I’m telling you, I know some people on the extreme right that are so unhinged they wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger with her in the sights.

      I’ve experimented with a lot of rightwing groups, and I’ve left many of them shaking my head. I’m conservative all right, but these people I’m talking about are far, far, far right – and they’re dangerous.

      I don’t like Feinstein, but I don’t want to see anything happen to her or any other liberal. I’m just saying they need to tread carefully and quit making such profound statements.

      1. Terrance, let me ask you this…….back in the 60’s when I was protesting and getting arrested….would it had been okay if we had showed up with Uzis and such?

      2. Terrance, watch for a paper that I did years ago about Why the 2nd…….as soon as I search my papers I will post it… will be from a historical perspective……not all from a partisan view….

    3. Terrance, read my previous comment……this is all a game….Cuomo is doing what everyone on your side is doing….using state government to control the outcome……

      1. This is not paranoia, Lobotero.

        Terrance, let me ask you this…….back in the 60′s when I was protesting and getting arrested….would it had been okay if we had showed up with Uzis and such?

        No, it wouldn’t have been okay. I support civil disobedience. When these new laws come down, my advice? Don’t follow them. I already don’t follow the current gun laws, because I believe they are unconstitutional.

        But I’m not talking about me. I’m telling you that I know some awfully rightwing people that will kill someone for trying to take their guns, even politicians. And I’m sure living in Mississippi, you know some of the same people.

        I’m saying that Feinstein needs to be careful. She’s making some awfully provocative statements about guns, and some older comments that are being dredged up. People fear that Democrats are trying to curb the Second Amendment – and they will not stand for that.

      2. Terrance, Mississippi is full of those people…..just 20 years ago their were KKK members on my city’s PD….how’s that for justice…..I agree she and all others need to stop thumping their chest like sex crazed primates…….the 2nd is safe……trust me on that……watch for a paper I did years ago about the 2nd….maybe next week if all goes well…

  2. Lobotero,

    Check out my YouTube channel when you get a chance.

    Right now, it’s all about gun-control because that’s the hot-topic, but I’m gonna put up some other videos too. You may disagree with most everything I say, but at the very least it might be interesting to put a voice with the name. LOL.

    Check it out. And I’m still waiting for that Second Amendment post of yours.

    1. Terrance, a good vid and I cannot disagree with you on most of it…..since I live in hurricane alley I am always thinking toward the next storm so I am a bit of a prepper………and yes I have guns for protection and about 3 months of food……well done.

    1. Crap! Did not watch it first…..anything by some unknown source is like all the phones calls politicians get…..I will not believe it until I see the source….hearsay is crap.

      1. Lobotero,

        That’s okay.

        I tend to agree with you. While I said in the video that it wouldn’t surprise me if it were true, I also said I was hesitant to believe it. Dr. Garrow is a secondary source. We have no idea who the original source is. Supposedly it’s some top military vet…But until that person comes out, or until another person comes out, or until this story is confirmed in any way, I’d have to agree that it’s crap.

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