Clap If It Hurts!

The weekend and I breath a sigh of relief…….I can post on things other than the Drama Of Obama………

Back in my military days I recall going to sick call one morning and they call out xrays, couple people go off…….shots, a couple more…….and then the orderly calls out for venereal clinic….a the rest of the waiting room got up and stood in line for their clap treatments…….why do I bring this up today?  A good question.

(Newser) – There’s a new reason to stock up on condoms. An “incurable” (or at least, antibiotic-resistant) strain of gonorrhea has made its way across the pond to North America, according to a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. At least nine Canadian patients have failed to respond to the typical dose of cefixime, one of the last antibiotics able to treat the STD. “We’ve heard of such cases in Asia and Europe,” one CDC doctor tells NPR. “It’s very concerning.”

The WHO started warning of the dangers of drug-resistant gonorrhea back in June, predicting that in a few years gonorrhea might be able to resist any available treatment. That isn’t the case yet however; all nine Canadian patients were, eventually, cured, most with an injectable antibiotic, CBS News reports.

If that does not put the limber in your Johnson…..then you are celibate or a eunuch…..

Some stories are just scary.  Any thoughts?