2013 New Year’s Predictions

I hope everybody is having a great day…..and since the ass clowns in DC cannot do anything right we will slip into uncertainty……But wait!  Senate actually did something……….grab your crotch and whole your nose!

Welcome to the New Year, 2013……I have a feel that it will not be one of this country’s better years…….

A new year and a new set of predictions by yours truly……..every year I predict ten things that I feel will happen and at the end of the year I grade myself and post my record……

Last year, 2012, I had a great year and think no crystal ball………

1–Obama squeaks out a win—good

2–Dems retake House but lose Senate–bad

3–Violence returns to Iraq–good

4–New problems for Libya–good

5–Inflation creeps up–bad

6–Europe slips into chaos again…EU in danger–good but barely

7–Syria sinks into all out civil war–good

8–Taleban steps up violence in Afghanistan in the Spring and Summer–good

9–Eliz. Warren wins Mass Senate seat–good

10-Romney wins the GOP nomination–good

That is 80% accurate….let me see Nostradamus do that!  SCHOOLED!  And you did not need a Capt. Video de-coder ring!

Enough back slapping!  Time to move on to 2013!

1–unemployment will rise during the year

2–Consumer Confidence hits new low

3–GOP settles into same talking points

4–Problems in Syria spills over into border countries

5–Major country leader dies

6–Immigration will be a hotly contested issue

7–Democrat wins Mass Senate seat of Kerry

8–Earth 2 will be found

9–US GDP will shrink by about 0.5%

10-Gun issue will be missed

There you have it, my annual Nostradamus moment……anything I missed?

I will be back tomorrow just as opinionated as ever……hope you all the continue to show up and read….shall we dance?