Best Headline EVER!

The readers know that I have a sharp wit about me….(well, I would like to think so)….We all find humor in different places and  news headlines are some of the best places for that humor…you know kinda like Man Bites Dog……or Mom gives birth to litter of 8…..well you get my drift her…..

We all have heard the vile spread by Santorum on homosexuals and fornicators and his views on pregnancies…..but the best headline ever came from Birmingham Alabama a site entitled “Second Front”… you tell me this is NOT  great headline…..

Poll: Santorum comes from behind in

Alabama three-way

(Pause here for raucous laughter)…..after drying the tears from my eyes I had to read the rest of the story…..

With Alabama’s March 13 primary looking more and more important, Rick Santorum leads the rest of the Republican field in a poll conducted by Alabama State University. Santorum leads with 28 percent of likely GOP primary voters, while Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney trail with 18.9 percent and 18.3 percent, respectively. Texas Congressman Ron Paul was not included in the poll except for a choice for “other.”

Now I ask…was the wording intentional or just an unfortunate play on words?


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