2011 Anal-Ocity #22

You know there are just times when people cannot help themselves and they speak and nothing but pure crap comes out of their mouths……I always bitch about the fact that people just do not know history and yet they still try to argue from ignorance……

The BS hits the fan on the Senate floor…..there has been much talk, much debate and much emotions over whether the US should bow out of Afghanistan or stay and continue to deal with the situation as normal…..many Dems and some Repubs are for the complete withdrawal of US troops from the country and there are those, we call them hawks, that seemingly want the US to stay and fight until the goals have been reached…the problem is NO person knows what those goals are……

Recently the Senator from West Virginia made his case for the US to get out of Afghanistan and then our favorite old fart took to the floor in response….one Sen. John McCain of Arizona….

“In case the senator from West Virginia forgot it or never knew it, we withdrew from Afghanistan one time,” McCain said. “We withdrew from Afghanistan and the Taliban came, eventually followed by al-Qaida followed by attacks on the United States of America.”

Is McCain senile or is he still pissed that the American voter chose Obama over him or maybe he is just extremely uninformed or maybe he is just a bitter old man……let me explain…prior to 2001 the US had NEVER had a presence in Afghanistan….so we could not withdraw from a country we were never in…..I think that McCain was thinking of the Soviets…..they invaded the country before us….about 2 decades before we did……we did, however, discontinued our financial support once the Russians split…….

I expect more from a sitting Senator….at least do a little research before you spout your crap…..

A loyal reader, Phillip, suggested that Info Ink give McCain a Lifetime Achievement Award for the most nominations for the “Assie”….we may consider his proposal….


5 thoughts on “2011 Anal-Ocity #22

  1. Hmmm… It’s a reasonable mistake I suppose. Some might say, “USA/USSR – not so very different really” 😈

  2. But you would think that a pilot in the military could tell the difference…unless he is color blind…..but he is a typical politician…..has NO idea what he is saying or that we are smart enoiugh to catch his BS….

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