Free To Choose

DAMN!  The news has been as boring as boring can get…..

We are approaching the next “big” election and I will repeat what I am always saying…..there is NO difference between the two parties…they are just different sides of the same coin….

No matter who you vote for….the country will be worse off!

I saw this cartoon on Twitter and thought it was the perfect example of how this political system works…..


Enough said?

What Did GW Really Accomplish?

7 years after he left office there is still a debate on what he actually accomplished as president……..there are many ex-employees that are trying desperately to salvage some sort of legacy…….

Twitter brought me this ‘toon to answer the question…..I could not resist…….I am weak….Haha…….


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It’s All About Free Trade

The newest trade agreement, the secret one, the one no one is allowed to talk about, is making its way around Congress… usual they use the dog whistle word to describe it….Free Trade.

The only problem I have with it is that it sounds a lot like the lies told by Clinton about NAFTA…….and now we are doing it again…….who will suffer the most this time?

I got this cartoon on my Twitter machine and it explains what the term “Free Trade” really means.


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