What If Hillary Is Elected?

There is a good possibility that Hillary, if she decides to run (like there is doubt), will win the presidency.  If so what will Washington look like for the next years?

Twitter gave me the answer I was looking for…….


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“We Will Arm And Train Syrian Rebels”

Just a thought here…..which group would that be?

I have said many times what a moronic statement that is about the arming……..which rebel group?  Keep in mind that AQ was born out of a rebel group fighting in Afghanistan…..a fact the people like McCain seem to not remember…..

I got this ‘toon in my reader on WordPress…….which would you arm?


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Breaking News You Will Hear Little About

The media gives us car chases in LA…..or a winter snowstorm……but when it comes to violence committed against Muslims there seems to be little interest in the act…….or that it is newsworthy……why?

I got this cartoon about the murders of 3 Muslims in Chapel Hill, NC…….

The question that needs asking is why is this murder less important than a person Jenner hit with a car?


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