“We Will Arm And Train Syrian Rebels”

Just a thought here…..which group would that be?

I have said many times what a moronic statement that is about the arming……..which rebel group?  Keep in mind that AQ was born out of a rebel group fighting in Afghanistan…..a fact the people like McCain seem to not remember…..

I got this ‘toon in my reader on WordPress…….which would you arm?


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Breaking News You Will Hear Little About

The media gives us car chases in LA…..or a winter snowstorm……but when it comes to violence committed against Muslims there seems to be little interest in the act…….or that it is newsworthy……why?

I got this cartoon about the murders of 3 Muslims in Chapel Hill, NC…….

The question that needs asking is why is this murder less important than a person Jenner hit with a car?


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Very Little Difference

We all know the crap about this minor Repub from Louisiana , Scalise, and his act of speaking to a white supremacist group…..KKK…..would he be defended readily if he had spoken to a group like Muslim Brotherhood?  Or would he be on fast track for expulsion?

A friend sent me this cartoon the day of the Attack in Paris….

I have been saying the same thing for years and this ‘toon makes my point in few words….thanx!


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