Nazification Of American Society

I know few want to hear this but if those that are in denial would look at history they would see that Nazification is exactly what is happening to our society…..

Violence in the United States surpasses the unthinkable and increasingly resides in the space of apocalyptic rage, manufactured ignorance, and the normalization of a pervasive culture of ritualized barbarism. As civic culture collapses and truth succumbs to conspiracy theories, censorship, and the white washing of history, politics is emptied of democratic values, shared responsibilities, and a viable moral compass. Lawlessness is fueled by a diminishing lack of accountability in the political realm leading to an upsurge in racism, domestic terrorism, mass shootings and increasing threats of violence. Acts of violence erupt in even the most protected and secure spaces extending from schools to supermarkets, engulfing every facet of American life. We now live in a time marked by a politics of displacement, disappearance, erasure, patriotic frenzy, and political repression. Human suffering has been turned into a spectacle of racist aggression.

Violence, once hidden or proclaimed to be on the fringe of American society, is now at the center of power and everyday life and has become normalized. Violent threats are now repeatedly lodged against election officials, public health workers, teachers, librarians, as well as almost any politician who refuses to accept the lie that the presidential election was stolen. The threats of violence by a political movement of white supremist and election denying extremists   has reached an all time high as has its insane accusations, threats, and hate mongering. For example, influential pedlars of hate, particularly QAnon members, now claim that the Democratic Party is filled with blood sucking satanists who abduct and sexualize young children. The fallout from these kind of threats is too extensive to document here one example, as reported by The Daily Beast, captures the vicious lies mainstreamed by such groups and how they incentivize violence among their followers:

The threat of violence not only functions as political performance in the interests of political opportunism and the stoking mass violence, it also is used by MAGA Republicans to conquer major critical institutions of society that extend from public schools and libraries to the courts. Dark money now drives such extremism and the repressive laws aimed at women’s reproductive rights, the banning of books, the weakening of voting rights, and assaults on the rights of trans-gender people, among other attacks. Many of these attacks are driven by the modern Republican Party’s central fear of living with difference.

The Nazification of American Society and the Scourge of Violence

I just cannot imagine how the American people can ignore the track that our country is traveling….you do not need to be a rocket scientist to see what is happening…..and yet they allow it to continue.

There is only so much time allowed before these changes become permanent….

You can do something…..then DO IT!

I Read, I Write, You Know

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24 thoughts on “Nazification Of American Society

  1. We were supposed to learn lessons from Nazi Germany after world war II but it appears that it has all been lost as the generations have passed and we are doomed to repeat it all again, nut this time right here on our own soil in The United States.

      1. Just wait until Americans experience their first bombed out city and have to walk past piles of disfigured dead bodies stacked along their sidewalks and in their front yards. They will say in that day, “How did we ever let it come to this?” Tucker Carlson will probably say that it is all a hoax. Trump will probably deny that he ever knew a thing about it. The radical right wingers will say that it was all Biden’s fault.

  2. There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between Communists and Nazis, but both would have us believe there is. Communist call their opponents Nazis and vice versa.

    Observe that the people being threatened with violence or being attacked are Conservative Republicans. Once you get that part right your diatribe almost make sense.

    Think about it. That long diatribe and not one example.

    – Like illegal demonstrations at the homes of Supreme Court judges? No.
    – Like the raid on the home of former president/2024 candidate? No.
    – Like the lethal and destructive George Floyd riots? No.
    – Like the dozens of anti abortion clinics being firebombed and vandalized. No.
    – Like the Conservative organizations the IRS has harassed. No.
    – Like the FBI and other national security organizations being used to smear a presidential candidate and later the same man as president. No.
    – Like the DOJ used to accuse parents protesting abusive, Democschool boards of terrorism.

      1. All the schools I went to as a child were in strictly Republican towns and counties and we got along just fine in our public school system.

      2. CRT, gender theory, not telling parents their children want a sex change. closing schools even after it was shown kids don’t have a problem with it, falling test scores, political indoctrination in multiculturalism, environmentalism, Socialism, and so forth.

        Not only do schools teach things they are not supposed to teach, they turn parents against the beliefs of their parents. And they expect the parents of children to pay for a lousy education. But you got a good education nearly a century ago, and that is all that matters.

      1. And you have access to all the S from your buddies…..I have given many evidences to why I say what I do….if you would spend more time reading you would know it all as well….good evening and be well chuq

      2. Our own truth as you put it has been the actual truth for generations of Americans. The current “Alternate Facts” ( a Trump thing) is what modern Republicans are being fed as they create their own alternate universe.

      3. You understand what it means to live in a free country? No. Let me explain. In a free country, we let people run their own live so long as they don’t violate someone else’s rights. You think me stupid? Maybe I am. Maybe I should do what you seem to want to do. Maybe I should vote to tax you and spent your money create my own version of Utopia. Only thing is that I know the people I elect will never deliver when they make such promises.

      4. You let the pro-Trump people get control of the government and they will make a brand new list of what rights are and what they are not and when that happens the only freedoms we will have will be the freedoms that the authoritarians want us to have …The SCOTUS is already setting the stage for rewriting America rights with their attacks on abortion and women’s rights, on LGBTQ rights, on voting rights… it is beginning even as I speak ….The dictators in charge of the Republican machine will tell us what our rights are and those rights will have only a shadowy similarity to what they once were –and people will be forced to toe the party line and run their lives exactly as the right wing authoritarians want …The god damned right wing in America is already struggling very hard to create their own utopia so don’t come at me with that “Utopia” crap …You let that bunch get into power and all the future elections will be ballot at gunpoint just like happened in their Friend, Putin’s recent referendum in Ukraine …I am not fooled by the way the right wing radicals twist things …They are already threatening to hold the government hostage at the next debt ceiling negotiations so they can get everything they want …including a severe curtailment of the social safety nets that millions of Americans depend on for their dai to day survival …

      5. You have an active imagination. You actually believe the Liberal Democrat run news media.

        The word “Conservative” actually does mean something. We have a constitution republic, and we would like to keep it. There is an abundance of evidence that Liberal Democrats hate constitutional government. Who else would come up with an oxymoron like a living constitution?

  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    As my dear friend states … quite a matter of concern!! … “I just cannot imagine how the American people can ignore the track that our country is traveling … you do not need to be a rocket scientist to see what is happening … and yet they allow it to continue.”

  4. To: Doctor Rex — they allow it to happen because they are so concerned with their own little instant gratifications that they are blinded to the tragedy they are about to experience at the hands of the quasi-nazi right wing radical zealots that are working on stealing their freedoms away from them.

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