Violence Against The Russian People

I post this because we Americans will gladly hate a people….which is so sad.

The people of Russia are in the dark about this war in Ukraine….thanks to the tight control Putin and his government has over the content they are allowed to see and hear.

But even the hypocrisy and cynicism we have seen to this point by Big Social Media does not prepare one for a shocking development today, as first reported by Reuters and then picked up by the Washington Post: Facebook (and Facebook-owned Instagram) have “updated” their “Community Standards” guidelines and will now allow calls for violence against Russians.

Yes that’s right. Russians – not the Russian government or the Russian economy, or even top Russian political figures but just plain old Russians – are now subject to new guidelines that ALLOW rather than forbid “Hate Speech” and even actual calls for violence!

It is very clear that we are not progressing as a society toward ever-more liberal values. We are regressing to a violent, feral state. Endlessly looking inward for enemies to destroy. “Anti-vaxxers,” Trump voters, and now just plain old everyday Russians. Kill them. They are evil. Is this OK?

Facebook, a de facto arm of government, is now encouraging calls for violence against innocent people who happen to be of a particular race or ethnic background or linguistic group.

Race-hate of an unpopular ethnic and religions group? Haven’t we seen this horrific movie before?



So it is perfectly OK to use violence against a people that have no idea what is happening in Ukraine……how sad.

Actress Mila Kunis, who is Ukrainian, has made a statement about this……

Mila Kunis says she has always felt far more like an American than an Eastern European—but when Russia invaded Ukraine, it felt like “part of my heart just got ripped out.” Kunis was born in Chernivtsi, southern Ukraine, and moved to the US with her family in 1991, when she was 7. In an interview with Maria Shriver, she said the world should blame the people in power in Russia for the conflict, but ordinary Russians shouldn’t be seen as the enemy, the Hill reports. “I do really want to emphasize that. I don’t think that that’s being said enough in the press,” Kunis said.

“I don’t think it’s the people of Russia, so I don’t want there to be a thing of all Russians are horrible human beings,” Kunis told Shriver, per People. “I don’t want that to be the rhetoric.” Kunis and her husband, Ashton Kutcher, started a GoFundMe fundraiser last week to support refugees and humanitarian aid efforts. It has now raised more than $20 million, with Kunis and Kutcher contributing $3 million. The full interview will be released Sunday via Shriver’s Sunday Paper newsletter.

I agree….do not hate a people for the stupidity of their leaders.

But sadly I feel this will all fall on deaf ears….for Americans seem to have to have someone to hate.


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17 thoughts on “Violence Against The Russian People

  1. So far in the UK, there has been no reported violence against any Russians living here. But I doubt it will be long before someone injures or kills an innocent Russian somewhere in the world.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I’m not much interested in what the elite and leftist rich Hollyweird crowd have to say. Who are they? Do we listen to their voice and not ours? Mila Kunis, though she may be right in what she says, if that were you or me it would not even make the back page of the National Inquirer. I would much prefer to hear from people of commonality. Those not rich, like the middle class and you think that woman would read your blog. NO! She thinks she is above us so I could care less what she thinks. She is the idiot that would not get married until Cali reformed its marriage laws so that same-sex couples could be married–then she married. Do I care — heck no. Stupid is as stupid does. Your write-up was credible until you begin to interject with the socially elite that would spit at you on the street. You and your articles are more valuable and have more credibility than anything this Mila Kunis thinks or has to say. SMH …

      1. I stated that I agreed with what she said but is she was kit famous no one would peek at it. BTW just because one may be Ukrainian it does not make them always right or wrong and not necessarily one to listen to. She was 7 when she left and I would bet her opinions were from her parents. She is a liberal nut job who has sick thinking.

      2. Nope she is liberal for gay rights marriage and all that sinful stuff.

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