Closing Thought–01Nov21

Have you been to the store lately for groceries?

There are plenty of empty shelves and a limited amount of products to choose from…..this began with the pandemic (so we are told) then in my area a hurricane hit making products in short supply we were told that people from Louisiana were driving over and buying up the stuff (this did not ring true to me) then we are told that there were not enjoy drivers to deliver stuff but a local chain here has little problem stocking their shelves so if this small enterprise can did it why not a national stores?

This is a problem that is not going way….especially if Sen. Hawley has anything to do with it….

Sen. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.) has a plan to address the current supply chain issues bedeviling the American economy.

He wants to make them permanent.

In an op-ed for The New York Times published Friday, Hawley uses the temporary supply chain problems as an excuse to push for a permanent expansion of federal power over the affairs of private businesses. We must “fundamentally restructure our country’s trade policy,” Hawley demands, and that means injecting both the Pentagon and Commerce Department bureaucrats into companies’ purchasing decisions. Under the terms of a bill that Hawley is proposing, any product determined to be “critical for our national security and essential for the protection of our industrial base” would have to have at least 50 percent of its value made in the United States.

Why is it necessary for the government to get significantly more involved in the system of global trade that’s allowed Americans to enjoy unparalleled prosperity in recent years? Because “the global pandemic has exposed this system for what it is—a failure,” Hawley writes.

One must assume that if the lights in his home went out due to a storm, Hawley would respond by declaring electricity to be a mistake and demanding that the government require homes to be lit with candles and gas lamps. After all, what is the electrical grid but a complicated supply chain that leaves Americans woefully dependent on production and distribution systems (power plants, substations, and lines) that they do not fully control? Better to produce your own lighting, right? If that means you have to live without television or the internet, well, those are just the trade-offs required to achieve self-sufficiency.

Josh Hawley Wants to Make the Supply Chain Crisis Permanent

I have thought that Hawley was a joke and nothing he has done in 2021 has changed my mind…..and the people of Missouri ought to be smart enough to know what an embarrassment this toad is and will continue to be.

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3 thoughts on “Closing Thought–01Nov21

  1. Not long ago, we had petrol/diesel shortages here, and panic buying. That also applied to empty shelves in some shops, with both the main supermarkets and our government citing issues wih a shortage of delivery drivers, and goods being held at ports. Well surprise, surprise. The panic is over, and the issues seem to have ‘cured themselves’. But fuel prices have increased by almost £1 per gallon, and the average bill for my weekly supermarket shop has risen from around £90 to close to £103. All a ruse to push up prices. More profit for the friends and allies of our government ministers, no doubt.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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