Why Would Anyone Take A Horse Pill?

That is the question that has plagued me since I heard bout those people that would prefer to take a horse laxative over being vaccinated…..those that ignore medical advice and do something stupid like a pill designed for animals.

How do I get into the head of such a person?

After trying to explain this stupidity I still had no grasp on the thinking of these people.

Then I read this piece…..

Some Americans who are reluctant to get vaccinated believe they are living through a very different pandemic — one where the approved Covid-19 vaccines are ineffective and dangerous, and where a long list of “miracle cures,” ivermectin among them, are critical to patients’ health and safety.

From the outside, these positions can seem not just dangerous but incoherent. What would lead a person to say they won’t take a vaccine approved by federal regulators, then take an off-label medication because they read about it online?

Of course, not all Americans who are reluctant to get vaccinated have embraced supposed miracle cures: The reasons that people give for not getting a Covid-19 vaccine are varied and complex. But over the past year, among some refusers, a community of intense vaccine denialism has developed and created a sort of psychological scaffolding to support their views. As a group, the most fervent vaccine deniers construct and perpetuate an alternative narrative of the pandemic. And when inconvenient facts — from a news report to a friend’s or relative’s decision to get vaccinated — challenge that narrative, they give them a place to take refuge.

This phenomenon has its origins in America’s political polarization. One of the best predictors of whether someone is resistant to getting the Covid-19 vaccine is whether they identify as a Republican, and we know those partisan bonds are powerful. But they are not sufficient to explain the intransigence. Most Republicans have gotten the vaccine by now, but about 12 percent of Americans say they will never get vaccinated under any circumstances. (Roughly six in 10 of those people are Republicans, but a small minority of Democrats also say they won’t get the vaccine.)

It’s this community of hardcore refusers that have closed ranks and created an insular world meant to perpetuate their beliefs.


An interesting article but it still did not help me to get my head around the ignorance that is running rampant in the country.

Any thoughts?

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13 thoughts on “Why Would Anyone Take A Horse Pill?

  1. I gave up on people who would take horse pills rather than a free vaccine months ago. Their ignorance puts them and those around them in danger, that is the bottom line. The roast part is that they occupy hospital space that could bar used to help peopler with non-COVID injuries torn illnesses.

  2. When I was in a rural part of Oklahoma in 2016, I saw how red state citizens felt forgotten by Washington DC, which they felt favored big cities AKA Democratic strongholds…so when a con man tells them he’s going to take care of them, they believe it, because he at least acknowledged them…and from there we spin into alternate universes, misinformation campaigns and “big lies” – and horse pills…as was said: “there’s a sucker born every minute”

    1. This is probably the key to it right here. Feeling like you’ve been completely abandoned and ignored will make you distrust what you perceive as “elites” telling you what to do…thus leading to insanity like this.

      1. Yes…people who feel marginalized and disrespected will support the person who says they understand their pain…the sad part is that the social welfare programs they claim go to minorities are hugely popular with rural white populations as well…

      2. That’s the tragic part….these voters will go with Republicans because they feel they represent “the common man”…when the GOP is not actually interested in helping out anyone but the wealthy. The Democrats need to find a way to reconnect.

  3. The current situation here is that 28% of the vaccine-eligible population is not vaccinated. Many of those are teenagers who presumably think they are immortal, and there are the hard liners (like some members of my family) who believe the conspiracy that the vaccine is just a way to control people. I doubt that 28% will change their minds soon, unless they suddenly discover that they know someone who is dying of C-19 in hospital.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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