Lock The Bastards Up!

A departure from my usual Sunday posts….but this is just too important to wait for later….

This country is choke full of a/holes that steal from people that truly need assistance…..the pandemic was no different.

Greed is just too string for some to resist.

The ‘pandemic crimes unit’ is fully investigating all sorts of theft of pandemic funds to be used to help the people and businesses cope with the lack of income in the trying times……

The federal government has a revised estimate of the amount of money the US unemployment insurance program lost through fraud during the pandemic: $45.6 billion. Criminals collected the money between March 2020 and April 2022 through such tactics as using the Social Security numbers of dead people, CNN reports. The estimate released Thursday by the Labor Department’s inspector general replaces the one issued a year ago of about $16 billion, per the Washington Post. Kevin Chambers, who leads pandemic-related enforcement for the Justice Department, called the findings “unprecedented fraud.”

The government distributed the money to businesses and individuals to try to strengthen the economy during the coronavirus outbreak. President Donald Trump approved $3.1 trillion in funding in 2020 and President Biden another $1.9 trillion in 2021. Unemployment fraud was so widespread that federal investigators have barely made a dent two years into the process, per the New York Times. The government announced Thursday it has now charged 1,000 people with crimes related to jobless benefits committed during the pandemic. Hundreds of people are working on fraud cases in the offices of 21 inspectors general, and other agencies are involved. President Biden last month signed legislation doubling the statute of limitations to 10 years for some pandemic-related fraud, promising thieves that the government will find them.

The hero of Mississippi, Brett Favre, is one of those creeps that in on the theft of pandemic funds…..he too needs to be locked up but will not….he will skate as he always has in the past.

These people, if found guilty, need to made to pay a heavy price for their disregard of the needs of those in trouble during the pandemic.

Enjoy your Sunday….be well and be safe…..

“lego ergo scribo”

14 thoughts on “Lock The Bastards Up!

  1. We have an outstanding scandal of almost £400,000,000 paid to a company to manage a ‘Track and Trace Sytem’ that failed within a month. None of the money was ever paid back, and it was later ‘written off’ by Boris Johnson as the woman who owned the company was the wife of one of his best friends.
    That was enough money to build a new, modern hospital somewhere.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Agreed! Here in Germany it’s the same, but our investigators are completely dependent on the politicians (bound by instructions). So they want not do their job, if politicans are involved. That is democracy on it’s highest level. ;-/ xx Michael

  2. Justice is becoming a rare commodity in America today I believe .. and as to stealing funds and such … I already have all I need and do not ever want any more than I already have… But crooks with money are generally always going to get away with whatever they do as long as payola is active and working … everyone should already know this.

  3. Stands to reason that Brett Favre is guilty. He is a Republican, and he endorsed Trump.

    Frankly, I don’t know anything about Brett Favre, and I don’t see any reason totrust the news enough to take their accusations seriously.

    During the pandemic, our government spewed out money. Fraud was inevitable. The only way we could have avoided the waste was to have let people go back to work.

    You want to prosecute people? Democrats too? That is not the current standard in DC.

    1. I know Favre…he is a dick…..but yes anyone that steals from people in need whether Repub or Dem or church or whoever deserves no quarter.

      You are right it is not a standard and that is the voters fault. chuq

      1. Where is the investigation of Hunter Biden and his laptop? Hillary and the Clinton Foundation? The Democrats and their 2020 riots? The abuses of the FISA court? The origin of COVID-19. And so forth.

      2. When we elect people who are more concerned about acquiring wealth, hanging onto power, and destroying their enemies than they are about helping the poor, money earmarked the poor will be stolen.

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