Space News Sunday

I am always on the look out for some weird news about space stuff…….most readers are not interested but what the Hell….it beats the major news of the day.

I like to read the stories about all those aliens that have been coming here for a long long time (we know those ancient alien sickos).

It is a Sunday and I thought I would share some of the news I found.

I read a couple of doozy about ‘time travelers’….

A person claiming to have travelled back in time from more than 800 years in the future says this year will see humans at war with extra-terrestrials.

The TikTok user took to the platform to warn people of natural disasters and alien encounters on the horizon in 2023, claiming of an “inter-dimensional” which will break out before the year is up.

Named only as “beyondtimetraveller” and purporting to be from the year 2869, the mystery user gave a list of dates to be aware of this year with the first just two months away, Daily Star reports.

Predicting a major disaster for the US, the user prophesised: “Remember these dates, humans may reconsider the existence of us, time travelers [sic]. March 18th, 2023: A 8.1 earthquake on the Richter scale hit in Wisiller in Alaska.

“June 26, 2023: A new creature bigger than the blue whale is discovered in the Pacific Ocean, it measure 350 feet.

Then there is the one about 2 ‘time travelers’ that are stuck in 2027…..

Two ‘time travellers’ who claim to come from 2027 have been sharing videos which they say prove they are alone in the future.

Javier and Maria have been posting on social media claiming to be stuck alone in 2027 with only each other for company and “no sign of human life”.

Neither of the self-proclaimed time travellers ever show their face in the apparent clips from four years’ time which are clearly deserted.

Maria, who claims to be a scientist and goes by the TikTok username of @socmia, says in her bio: “Time is an illusion. Alone in the world with unicosobreviviente.”

Then there is the paper about messages sent by alien space probes….

If we ever detect an Extraterrestrial Civilization (ETC) and start communicating with them, the messages could take years, decades, or even centuries to travel back and forth.

We face a challenging 49-minute long delay just communicating with the Juno spacecraft orbiting Jupiter, and that’s well within our Solar System. Communicating with an ETC that’s hundreds of light-years away or even further is a daunting task.

It’s even worse if we’re sending probes.

Imagine if a robotic probe arrived in our Solar System, sent by an ETC. They detected us and sent their probe to introduce themselves and learn more about us. We would be shocked, and the event would change civilization’s trajectory forever.

Imagine we waited for another one, and imagine that we had to wait centuries. Generations of humans would live and die, we would’ve learned all we could from the probe, and it would sit in a museum somewhere.

As humanity waited for the next probe, the scientific community would publish a flood of papers on the probe and what might happen next. A whole new field of study would be born. Politicians would stake entire careers on the issue, and opinion-piece writers, artists, and musicians would have a field day. Scams would appear, and cults might spring up.

Watch SciFi movies and shows and all aliens seem to have two legs and two arms…..but will that be accurate?

Sarah Stewart Johnson was a college sophomore when she first stood atop Hawaii’s Mauna Kea volcano. Its dried lava surface was so different from the eroded, tree-draped mountains of her home state of Kentucky. Johnson wandered away from the other young researchers she was with and toward a distant ridge of the 13,800-foot summit. Looking down, she turned over a rock with the toe of her boot. To her surprise, a tiny fern lived underneath it, having sprouted from ash and cinder cones. “It felt like it stood for all of us, huddled under that rock, existing against the odds,” Johnson says.

Her true epiphany, though, wasn’t about the hardiness of life on Earth or the hardships of being human: It was about aliens. Even if a landscape seemed strange and harsh from a human perspective, other kinds of life might find it quite comfortable. The thought opened up the cosmic real estate, and the variety of life, she imagined might be beyond Earth’s atmosphere. “It was on that trip that the idea of looking for life in the universe began to make sense to me,” Johnson says.

As long as we are talking about ET….

My friend Kevin Kelly, a co-founder of Wired and my partner at Recomendo, says, “I have some strongly-stated, loosely-held hunches about the probability of life elsewhere in the universe. My certainty about these beliefs is quite low, but it is much higher than my belief in the alternatives.”

You can read all 12 assumptions here, but here are the 10) and 11):

10) The only reason for an advanced civilization to visit another planet is to see if there is another civilization which has invented things it has not, and perhaps could not invent. Invented resources are thus unlimited in scale and scope, and can be discovered only in unique places in the cosmos. Interstellar travel is essentially not travel through cosmic space but travel through possibility space. You visit another planet to visit other possible minds to see if they have thought of fabulous technologies your collective minds cannot reach.

11) Every day a few probes of these billions of interstellar civilizations visit our planet scoping out our technological state. These technological probes appear briefly in order to see us, and disappear once they have inspected our inventory. So far we have little to offer; nothing that can’t be found on millions of other planets.

Author Kevin Kelly’s “12 assumptions for extraterrestrial life”

That was fun…..absolutely worthless news that will entertain or it will be ignored.

I try to give my readers a diversion from the crappy news that we deal with everyday.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend….be well and be safe….

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


10 thoughts on “Space News Sunday

  1. I have always believed that the one truth about aliens is that no government would ever tell us if any landed here. (Unless they arrived in a busy shopping mall in front of hundreds of people.) If it were ever proved that life existed on other planets, the whole ‘ball game’ of organised religion and society rules would be discredited overnight.
    As for Tik Tok time travellers, how are they sending videos back in time? 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I can not get over the first time traveler who cannot spell Wasilla. Of course, predicting earthquakes in Alaska might not be a long stretch.

    I am a big time-traveler fan, so this was a rather enjoyable respite for me.

  3. OK, this is kind of fascinating…mental illness, flights of fancy – or warnings from the future? Maybe we’ll find out at some point…keeping an eye on Alaska, that’s for sure!

  4. ET remains one of my favorite movies of all time, I sometimes wonder if I might be an alien myself …No self respecting alien would ever bother with contacting earth unless they are looking for humans as a food supply …

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