Should The Pentagon Be Worried?

I know I have bitched a bunch about the budget that the Pentagon gets every year…..while most programs and departments are seeing their cash flow lessen the Pentagon see an increase and without much trying on their part.

Now that we have a new Speaker he has promised to take some of their money back to help balance the budget.

After days of negotiations, Rep. Kevin McCarthy is considering cutting the Pentagon budget by $75 billion in order to gain the support of roughly two dozen Republicans who have opposed his bid to become speaker of the House, according to Bloomberg

The cut is reportedly part of an “emerging deal” that would cap government spending at 2022 levels, meaning that it would return defense spending to $782 billion — a sharp drop from this year’s allotment of $857 billion.

According to Andrew Lautz, Director of Federal Policy at National Taxpayers Union and regular RS contributor, this could end up being a bigger cut than people think.

“I would argue the cut would be larger than $75 billion. That’s a $75 billion cut relative to FY 2023 levels. CBO is not out with their new baseline yet but I imagine they’re now projecting a larger than $857 billion national defense topline for FY 2024,” Lautz wrote in an email after this story broke. “Relative to that new expectation, a $782 billion flat FY 2024 topline might be closer to an $100 billion cut.”

If any deal does go through, it would still represent one of the largest single-year reductions in the Pentagon’s budget in history. But that is, of course, a big “if.” It remains unclear whether the agreement will be enough to end days of battles in the House over who will serve as speaker, and it’s far from certain that McCarthy will have the power to ensure that such dramatic cuts are actually enacted. 

The proposal could earn support from some progressives in Congress, including Reps. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) and Mark Pocan (D-Wis.), who pitched a $100 billion haircut for the Department of Defense earlier this year. But it will no doubt face serious headwinds from more hawkish members of Congress, especially given that this year’s Pentagon budget boost easily passed both the House and Senate, and progressives are unlikely to go along with the idea of across-the-board budget cuts.

McCarthy weighing $75B defense budget cut in quest for speakership (update)

Personally I do not seeing this attempt going anywhere….while I would agree with this cut in funding I think that Congress is in the pockets of the defense industry too far for it to be successful.

I want to see how the Dems handle this proposal….my bet is they will help shoot it down.

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The House Sh*t Show Has Begun

It all began on 03 January 2023 when the heir apparent to the Speakership was denied his ‘rightful’ place as the head of the GOP in House.

It took 15 votes for the heir to be crowned as the supreme GOP voice in the House.

But it will not stop there…..

Kevin McCarthy’s decision to transfer powers held by the House speaker’s office to a band of GOP members ended this week’s chaos, but it caused concern—among Republicans and others—about what’s ahead. The new reality could keep the House from performing such central tasks as funding the government and finance the debt, the New York Times reports. Under one of the concessions, one House member could start the process of removing Speaker McCarthy, which could give the dissidents the clout to keep those critical measures from reaching a vote. “I think it’s a terrible decision,” said Republican Rep. Don Bacon, per the Hill.

Another involves the Rules Committee, which decides which bills can be taken up and what amendments can be proposed. McCarthy gave the far-right group that had blocked him approval over one-third of the committee members, though the bloc accounts for just 10% of all GOP lawmakers. That means the group could block any legislation, possibly by joining with committee Democrats opposed to it. And the rebels want chairmanships of subcommittees they wouldn’t otherwise be entitled to, which is unpopular among other Republicans. “Everybody has to work their way through the seniority process and earn positions on both committees and gavels and things of that nature,” said GOP Rep. Ann Wagner.

And this only the beginning.

Social programs and other safety nets for our society will be under attack from these self-styled revisionists.

In closing let me quote James Baldwin…..

It is impossible not to recognize that the people who are endlessly boasting of their freedom–we’re the best because we’re free!–loathe the very suggestion for anyone other than themselves. They are forever stitching flags, making and threatening and dropping bombs, creating instruments of torture and torture chambers and overseers and deputies and detention centers. Their notion of freedom is so strenuously calisthenic, not to say defensive, that freedom becomes a case of keeping everyone out of your backyard. Or bomb shelter: there are none, by no means incidentally, in the ghetto.

– James Baldwin, “A Letter to Prisoners”

In the end this sh*t show will harm those that believe our country is free and a democracy.

This is what a sh*t show is truly about….and we will have a doozy.

Any thoughts?

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