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It seems every new year there is a new prediction of the collapse of civilization and this year is not different….

People who enjoy our modern lifestyle should perhaps not get used to it, according to Standford scientists. Futurism reports that civilization as we know it may end within a few decades if humanity doesn’t get on top of managing our natural resources. This was the assessment of Stanford biologists Tony Barnosky and Paul Ehrlich when they appeared on 60 Minutes to discuss the effects of mass extinction.

Tony Barnosky discussed this inevitability from the perspective of the fossil record, which shows that mass extinction rates are around 100 times higher now than in any other period in Earth’s history of supporting life. These extinctions not only reduce the amount of food in our ecosystem but also cause other breakdowns in the chain of life that could hasten the demise of civilization by bringing an end to processes we take for granted. Mass extinctions have taken place throughout the geological record, but not at the rate they are happening today.

Scientists Reveal Civilization Is Coming To An End, Here’s When It’s All Over

A new ‘treasure map’ has been found to Nazi treasure… know kinda like that Nazi treasure train….

Treasure hunters with shovels and metal detectors descended on a village in the eastern Netherlands following the release of a map showing where Nazi soldiers are believed to have buried a stash of treasure in the final weeks of World War II. The map, with a red X marking where the treasure was supposedly buried in the roots of a poplar tree near the village of Ommeren, was released as part of a research file from the late 1940s when the 75-year period of confidentiality expired, reports Reuters. According to the file, a German soldier identified as Helmut S. said soldiers had buried four ammunition boxes containing diamonds, rubies, gold, silver, and jewelry, worth the equivalent of almost $20 million in today’s money, the Observer reports. According to the file, the treasure was looted from a bank in Arnhem in late 1944.

Annet Waalkens of the Netherlands National Archives tells the Observer that authorities found out about the treasure because Helmut S. was “a bit loose-lipped back in Berlin.” He gave authorities the map and returned to the Netherlands for one of three unsuccesful searches in 1946 and 1947. Authorities suspect that the soldiers may have returned and moved it—or that it was taken by locals who witnessed the Germans burying it as they prepared to retreat. According to the research file, officials also suspected American soldiers. Waalkens says that during the third search, officials encountered two American officers and noted that the soil in the area had been disturbed. According to the file, of the four soldiers involved in burying the treasure, two didn’t survive the war and a third one vanished. It’s not clear whether the fourth, Helmut S., is still alive.

Treasure hunters turned up in the area last week despite the apparently slim chances of finding anything. “Like a lot of people, the news about the treasure made me go look for myself,” a 57-year-old man told Reuters. “The chance of the treasure still being here after 70 years is very small I think, but I want to give it a try.” Days after the map was released, local officials warned against digging for treasure in the area, citing the risk of encountering land mines or unexploded bombs from World War II, reports Treasure hunters were warned to stay off private land and officials said digging or using metal detectors could only be done with a permit, per Omroep Gelderland.

Space is opening up and a ‘gold rush’ is in the planning….the rape of extraterrestrial rape is about to begin…..

A cash flow cascading from the heavens is a provisionary but promising harvest from asteroid mining. It’s already a “claim jumping” enterprise with assertions that billions, trillions, even quadrillions of dollars are looming in deep space, ripe for the picking and up for grabs.

Several space mining groups, eager to dig into extraterrestrial excavation of asteroids, have already come and gone. Left behind are torn, tattered and beleaguered business plans.

The past, however, is prologue. But this time, step-by-step strategies are being fielded. By and large, the prospect of reaping gobs of moolah from off-Earth mining has become a tempered affair.

There is a call for the banning of gas stoves…..

On the heels of a damning report that gas stoves are responsible for 13% of child asthma cases in the US comes news that a federal agency is considering banning the appliances. “Products that can’t be made safe can be banned,” a commissioner for the Consumer Product Safety Commission tells Bloomberg. He says “any option is on the table” for the “hidden hazard” of gas stoves, found in more than a third of homes in the nation. As CNN reports, the CPSC has been considering making a move on the appliances for months; the same agency commissioner in October recommended the safety agency collect public comments on the matter.

Now, he tells Bloomberg, that public comment period is expected to be opened. If they are not banned, there are other steps that can be taken, including setting standards on the emissions from them. Without proper ventilation, gas stoves can cause levels of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and fine particulate matter to a concentration declared unsafe by the Environmental Protection Agency, and the appliances have been linked to other respiratory ailments beyond asthma as well. The CPSC says a “lengthy process” will be involved before any regulatory action is taken. Some cities have been taking it upon themselves to ban natural gas hookups in new construction, while in some red states, such bans have been preemptively prohibited from ever taking effect.

I use gas so these twats can kiss my ass.

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