Those Egg Prices

Okay I will jump onto the bandwagon and tackle egg prices.

Yesterday I went shopping and bought a dozen brown eggs… cost me $7.52 plus tax. That is more than a pound of lean hamburger.

I asked the same question I suppose everyone asks when they get hit with the reality of wanting an egg for breakfast.

I guess an explanation is in order.

So what is causing it….is it because of the avian flu or what?

The price of eggs is taking its toll on American families, and in some states, it’s even getting harder to find eggs on the shelves. 

Since December 2021, the average price of eggs in U.S. households has soared nearly 60 percent, according to the latest economic release from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

The current state of inflated egg prices is primarily due to the worst breakout of Avian bird flu that the United States has seen. Since early 2022, more than 50 million laying hens have died.  And, although those hens account for only about 5 percent of the laying population, the feed cost has also taken a toll on producers and consumers alike.

Skyrocketing soybean prices coupled with an increased holiday demand for eggs and lagging production rates have also contributed to the pricing conundrum. Fortunately, according to Curt Covington, senior director of partner relations at AgAmerica, egg prices will see some corrections even if Avian flu continues to threaten poultry producers.

“Inflated prices are expected to decline in the first half of 2023 due to the decrease in demand for eggs after the holidays. But if input costs continue to increase and the bird flu continues to kill large quantities of hens, the costs will most likely be passed on to consumers,” said Covington.

Even though consumers probably won’t find a bargain at the supermarkets, they can buy lower grade eggs, buy eggs in bulk, and price shop to navigate current egg prices. Consumers may also find lower priced products at farmers’ markets. 

Unfortunately, most supermarkets won’t be able hedge the price of eggs by purchasing for local growers, as their products are contracted on a national scale by corporate offices. 

“As holiday demand subsides, we will likely see a 25 to 30 percent correction in inflated egg prices by the second quarter of 2023, if not sooner,” Covington said. “However, bird flu will continue to be a challenge for poultry farmers who have been playing catch up to meet demand even prior to COVID.”


No consolation at all….but it does answer what happen….

How about egg smuggling?

Eggs are much cheaper in Mexico but anybody caught trying to bring them across the border could have to shell out a lot of money, officials say. American egg prices were up 60% year-on-year in December due to factors including avian flu, making Mexican eggs an appealing prospect for residents of states including California, where a dozen eggs can cost around $8, compared to less than $3 in Tijuana, the BBC reports. “The San Diego Field Office has recently noticed an increase in the number of eggs intercepted at our ports of entry,” tweeted Jennifer De La O, the office’s director of field operations. “As a reminder, uncooked eggs are prohibited entry from Mexico into the US. Failure to declare agriculture items can result in penalties of up to $10,000.”

“My advice is, don’t bring them over,” CBP Supervisory Agriculture Specialist Charles Payne tells Border Report. “If you fail to declare them or try to smuggle them, you face civil penalties.” He says the fines up of to $10,000 are for commercial operations caught smuggling eggs. For ordinary consumers, the penalty is around $300. According to Department of Agriculture statistics, egg and poultry seizures at the border rose 108% between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 last year. Payne says that if people declare eggs when they’re crossing into the US, the eggs will be seized but no fine will be issued. “If you fail to declare it or if you attempt to smuggle it, there’s going to be a penalty,” he says.

Good idea we would not want to cut into Walmart’s profits now would we?

Finally I check three different stores on egg prices…..for a dozen it ranged from $3.27…to $7.00….the higher price was from a national ‘low cost’ chain….

I bet egg prices will stray high even after the crisis subsides….

You happy now?

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Now We Will Have Fiscal Responsibility

It is official the GOP is in control of the House and now that the Repubs are in power we will have what we have been promised….fiscal responsibility.

First if you believe this steaming pile of horse manure then I have a slightly used bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you.

Their first fiscal response was to eliminate the metal detectors….next was to authorize smoking in the House….then came another give away for Ukraine….

Since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine less than one year ago, Congress has approved more than $113 billion of aid and military assistance to support the Ukrainian government and allied nations. The Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 omnibus appropriations package included an additional $47.3 billion of emergency funding to provide humanitarian, military, and economic assistance to Ukraine on top of the $65.8 billion of funding already approved in three other emergency funding packages enacted by Congress.

Of the $113 billion approved in 2022, about three-fifths ($67 billion) has been allocated toward defense needs and the remaining two-fifths ($46 billion) to nondefense concerns such as general Ukrainian government aid, economic support, and aid for refugee resettlement. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) provided cost estimates of the four funding packages at the time each was passed. In total, CBO estimated that $6.6 billion of the $113 billion would be spent in FY 2022 and another $37.7 billion in FY 2023. Furthermore, CBO estimated more than half of the approved funds would be spent by the end of FY 2024 and more than three-fourths by the end of FY 2026.


So where will the fiscal responsibility kick in?

Republicans in Congress have been eager to position themselves as the fiscally responsible counterweight to what they consider budget-busting and inflation-increasing overspending from the Biden administration. But just two weeks into their new majority, House Republicans have shown their true colors, and it’s more likely than not that they will make our nation’s fiscal problems even worse.

The first bill passed by the new majority would repeal $71 billion in new funding for taxpayer services and enforcement by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that Democrats passed last Congress. But an official score from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that this bill would also reduce revenue collections by $186 billion over the next decade because it would undermine the agency’s ability to make wealthy tax cheats pay what they owe.As a result, the first act by the new House majority would actually increase deficits by roughly $114 billion.

New House majority shows its true colors on ‘fiscal responsibility’

Nice to see nothing will change…the GOP will be all talk with little or no action.

“Fiscal Responsibility” is demon-speak for attacks on social programs that benefit the population.

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