The Seditious ‘Oath Keepers’

Since 6 January there has been a focus on the real reason for the militia known as the Oath Keepers…..for years they presented themselves as the ‘protectors’ of the Constitution and country…..since the insurrection their alleged reason for existence has become more clear…..

The federal courthouse in Washington, DC heard dramatic opening arguments Monday in the most serious Capitol riot case yet—the seditious conspiracy trial against Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes and four of his lieutenants. The right-wing militia members are accused of plotting to prevent Congress’ certification of President Biden’s election victory “by any means necessary,” including violence. In his opening statement, assistant US Attorney Jeffrey Nestler said the “core democratic custom” of a transfer of power goes back to the time of George Washington, CNN reports. “These defendants tried to change that history,” he said. “They concocted a plan for armed rebellion to shatter a bedrock of American democracy.” He says Rhodes began plotting to overturn Biden’s win days after the 2020 election.

The defendants, Nestler said, planned to attack “not just the Capitol, not just our government, not just DC, but our country itself.” Prosecutors said Rhodes acted “like a general,” remaining outside the Capitol as his “troops” breached the building on Jan. 6, 2021, Politico reports. Prosecutors said the group stockpiled weapons at a Virginia hotel for a “Quick Reaction Force” and discussed using boats to bring them across the Potomac River to DC. The other four defendants are Kelly Meggs, leader of the Florida chapter of the Oath Keepers, Florida member Kenneth Harrelson, retired US Navy intelligence officer Thomas Caldwell, and Ohio militia leader Jessica Watkins, the AP reports. Nestler played video of Oath Keepers members inside the Capitol, where some tried to find House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Defense lawyers have argued that the Oath Keepers went to DC to provide security for figures including Roger Stone, and they were only at the Capitol because they expected then-President Donald Trump would invoke the Insurrection Act and use them to stop what they considered a Democratic coup, the Washington Post reports. Nestler said Rhodes, a Yale Law School graduate, tried to use the Insurrection Act as “magic words” to justify illegal acts. Phillip Linder, Rhodes’ attorney, argued in his opening statement that the Oath Keepers “did nothing illegal” and they “are not a violent group.”

Let me point out….these people are still in the process of a trial….as it is they are accused not convicted….

Throw the book at these bastards!

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15 thoughts on “The Seditious ‘Oath Keepers’

  1. I am going to be like Trump on the question of the Oath Keepers and I am going to say, in the image of Trump, “Give them a very short trial and then send them to Guantanomo Bay for the rest of their miserable lives with no chance for appeal or parole.” Put them on hard labor with no comforts or privileges.

    1. What those accused have done on January 6th 2021 needs to be done in done in accordance with the Law. If you would do it otherwise you’re no better as those acaccused.
      Guatamo Bay is for the US a place to evade every human right, torture, ” nacht und nebel” operations ( if you don’t know what is meant, look it up).

      Over time the US has two faces, one the use to uae internationally, an example of everything right and just.
      The other face that stays in the shadows and when they are opposed, or have different ideals, or economical interest are in danger:
      The US breaks every (human) law, threathen, blackmail, torture, murder etc.

      That’s why you should follow every law to ensure that the law is upheld.

      What you suggest is pure retalliaton, simply revenge

      I watched on Dutch television this terrible tiddlewave on the Congress going on. The pure hate on the faces of those “”real americans””.
      Those officers who did everything possible to keep them out, to protect those inside. Looking death in the eye those officers did more than what could be asked of them.
      I watche a country keeping the Law in place.

      That’s why revenge would break what others defended and protected with their live.

      I saw their the ugly face of the US but also an example of what the US could/should be.

      1. I still say “Let them have a taste of Law as their actions showed they would desire the law to be … the law of the mob …quick trials and then off to Guantanamo Bay for the rest of their miserable lives. They want revolution? Then let us give them a taste of revolutionary justice.

      1. And since I still believe in the oath I took in the Navy, that is why the protestors deserve the maximum penalty

  2. As you say, the trial is now underway – but to point out the obvious: an attempt to block the peaceful transfer of power is a crime – treason!

  3. Well… unless I am mistaken, we’ve only heard the opening arguments, essentially a statement of what the prosecution “hopes” to prove. We’ll see if they are successful.

    I’ve got to believe that they would not have charged these guys unless they were more than sure they could get a conviction. But remember, this is a jury trial so it only takes one person to gum up the works.

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