AI Bill Of Rights

The Biden group has issued what is being called a new Bill of Rights….they take on technology…….

The White House rolled out a proposal for an artificial intelligence Bill of Rights Tuesday, saying that while automated systems have “brought about extraordinary benefits,” progress “must not come at the price of civil rights or democratic values.” The blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy lists five principles that should be built into AI systems to protect the public from discrimination and violations of privacy, Axios reports. The White House warned that automated systems including those used for patient care “have proven unsafe, ineffective, or biased,” and algorithms used in hiring decisions have been found to “reflect and reproduce existing unwanted inequities or embed new harmful bias and discrimination.”

The principles state that Americans should know when automated decision-making is being used and they should be able to opt out. They state that algorithmic bias should be limited and users should be given control of their data. The White House said the document was released after a yearlong consultation with two dozen government departments, as well as tech companies and civil society groups, the AP reports. The proposals are nonbinding and government regulation of artificial intelligence remains “minimal or nonexistent,” Axios notes, though numerous other sets of AI guidelines exist, including EU guidelines released in 2019 and an “algor-ethical” proposal the Vatican released in 2020. Companies including IBM have released their own ethical guidelines.

“This is the White House saying that workers, students, consumers, communities, everyone in this country should expect and demand better from our technologies,” Alondra Nelson, OSTP deputy director for science and society, tells Wired. Nelson says the blueprint is “really just a down payment” on moves to limit harmful AI, though critics say the proposal should have included a framework to hold people and companies responsible for abusive AI practices. The US Chamber of Commerce, meanwhile, warned that if some of the recommendations become law, it will “handcuff America’s ability to compete on the global stage,” reports Reuters.

I support the idea…..but corporations will see that their paid agents in Congress will make this just a fart in the political wind.

But for those interested in the bill and the actions….I have the link for you…..

Read it and decide for yourself….

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14 thoughts on “AI Bill Of Rights

  1. This AI Bill of Rights is just cover for an American Marxist version of China’s Social Credit system. These same scoundrels called spending 100’s of billions the Inflation Reduction Act.

      1. Not everything is a commie plot, but these are the people pushing ESG, and the Internet and data privacy has much to do with that.

        Name one thing the Biden administration has done that hasn’t made the country poorer or less free.

      2. I always have an opinion….they should campaign on the people of this country and screw the rest of the world…..M4A….tax reform…… I need to go on? chuq

      3. Their proposals seldom become law…..all this hoopla will be for naught for none of it will be as envisioned…..and no I am not….but maybe I should chuq

      4. Seldom become law? Whichever party we blame, the Federal Government has become big and difficult to control. That has taken over a century, but the Federal Government is now doing too many things the Constitution does not authorize.

        In addition to the checks and balances that pit the three branches of government against each other when one branch seizes power it should not have, we are supposed to have a federation that divides the powers of government. Unfortunately, the Federal Government has begun to dwarf state and local governments.

        We don’t even educate our children on why we need to limit the power of government officials. We just teach them to detest certain persons.

      5. lame the local admins….they do not think an adequate civics education is necessary…..matters not which admin is in power……it seems to be 2 branches versus the other….and these who knows. chuq

  2. Nothing is ever simple is it? I am all for protecting consumer rights so whatever it takes but I know that nothing will be done to improve things unless something is proposed that will make somebody super-rich from its implementation and whatever it is that finally gets done will do more for the big corporations and conglomerates than for the average grunt sitting behind his inexpensive little computer in a suburban setting somewhere.

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