2022 A GOP ‘What If’

It is time to take your mind out of YouTube and Twitter and the rest of the mind numbing BS and pay attention to what will happen in the mid-terms of 2022.

This country needs help…..and if the indicators are accurate there is an excellent chance that the GOP will control the House and possibly the Senate…..if that is accurate then what do we have to look forward to with one party in control?

My thoughts are they a will go after Social Security, gay rights, more abortion stuff, etc…..here is a look at what Mother Jones thinks it will look like…..

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell about how Republicans would govern if they reclaimed both congressional chambers in the upcoming midterm elections. 

“That is a very good question,” McConnell replied. “And I’ll let you know when we take it back.”

But you don’t have to wait until after the November midterm elections to know what a huge faction of Republicans have in mind. A little-noticed budget document, the Blueprint to Save America, released in June by the Republican Study Committee, details the group’s priorities. Since nearly 75 percent of Republican House lawmakers are RSC members, these priorities are shared by a majority of the GOP caucus. The 122-page manifesto, containing a laundry list of longstanding conservative desires, calls for significantly reducing the size of America’s social safety net, drastically limiting abortion access nationwide, effectively throwing in the towel on combatting climate change, raising the age requirement to receive full Social Security benefits, cracking down on transgender rights, and making it easier for Americans to carry concealed weapons. 

If Republicans Retake Congress In November, Here’s What Their Agenda Will Look Like

Just like the state GOPs there agenda has NOTHING to do with moving the country forward, if anything it is going backwards to the 1950s…..it will be more about attacking social programs and helping making war more likely.

This republic is dying slowly and today’s GOP is added to the suffering before the death…..and few see the demise on the horizon because they refuse to look at the big picture just focus on their own petty desires.

Are you worried about the mid-terms?  Well you should be….actually you should be terrified!

Over the past few months, I’ve read how terrible this election cycle is for President Joe Biden and the entire Democratic Party. The House will flip in November, and the Senate looks headed that way as well.

Inflation has made Biden the least popular president in the history of the planet, and a recession is on the horizon. Democrats complain that Biden has been either too pragmatic or not pragmatic enough, and many think their party must dump him to have any chance of winning in 2024.

The next week, I read that candidates still matter and Republicans are nominating enough crazy people to the Senate that Democrats now have a very good chance of keeping control of the chamber, or even adding to their numbers.

Not only that, but Trump is meeting with advisers, supporters, and deep-pocketed financial contributors. He’ll be announcing his candidacy soon, which will whip his supporters — and Democrats — into a frenzy, likely turning the 2022 midterms into something akin to the 2024 presidential contest, without the actual presidential race being on the ballot.


Pay attention…learn the issues….and think of your country not your silly desires.

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11 thoughts on “2022 A GOP ‘What If’

  1. Thanks for sharing the written guidelines they had published, Chuq! It seems this will become a hard break, like back from supersonic speed to an old WellsFargo stagecoach. Let’s hope most people we be prepared, or this will get into a hot winter. Best wishes, Michael

  2. Very true. The United States is running a very real danger. In fact, I doubt that Donald Trump will ever be seen as the architect of the January 6 events. The Republicans do not care very much for the people, which is my main criticism. They do not want to pay taxes and many once owned slaves.

  3. Very true, chuq, old chum. But I will submit that the midterm.. will not be all about “if the Dems take over all will be wonderful”. Our civil unrest will increase, the Trumpian GOP will again scream election fraud, worse than before,… and while Congress might be more legislatively amicable being a Dem majority (thank gawd Manchin’s dominance would be over!) you still got the filibuster in the Senate. But to the greater question here… whomever wins dominance will piss off the other.. very much.

    1. I agree but something needs to change….our voting habits have been a disaster since 1980 or maybe 1992…either way it is an accident waiting to happen Be well chuq

  4. Stunning how one single person could put into motion the hatred and backwards thinking that had long-simmered in the shadows – a resentment caused by seeing a country finally acknowledge that everyone has the same rights, and that the majority does indeed rule…except now of course…thanks for this reminder

    1. Sorry to be a bummer….but voters need to pull their heads out of the collective asses and do something good for the country as a whole. chuq

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