That 1972 Environmental Report

As per my usual stuff I just feel that I must inject a little history into the conversation on the Climate.

For the past couple of decades the climate has been the center of the debate on the future of this planet and its people…..but most everything that is happening these days with our climate was reported back in 1972….and no one wanted to hear it….especially our corporate controlled Congress……

For those too damn young to remember this report….I am here to help……

The computer modeling made it plain: If people continued to overextract finite resources, pollute on a massive scale, and balloon the human population in an unsustainable way, civilization could collapse within a century. It sounds like that modeling could have been done last week, what with climate change, water shortages, and microplastics corrupting every corner of the Earth. But in fact it dropped in the 1972 book The Limits to Growth, published by the Club of Rome, an international organization of intellectuals founded in 1968. 

The book sold millions of copies and was translated into at least 30 languages, attracting a storm of controversy. It was, after all, very early computer modeling—completed on a punch-card machine at MIT—and a highly simplified simulation of complex global systems. And it was making rather grand and consequential predictions. (As the old quip goes: All models are wrong, but some are useful.) That model spit out scenarios in which humanity either got more sustainable and equitable, and thus flourished, or continued letting capitalists plunder the planet and our civilization to death.

“What came from the simulations is that most of the cases—but not all, and it’s important to say not all—the evolution of a number of variables like population, production, pollution, was showing that around the mid-21st century, we would have a scenario of collapse of human civilization,” says Carlos Alvarez Pereira, vice president of the Club of Rome and co-editor of the new retrospective book Limits and Beyond: 50 Years on From The Limits to Growth, What Did We Learn and What’s Next? “The whole thing was framed into doomsday prophecy. We didn’t succeed in bringing the message that it was not about that. It was really about: We have the capacity to choose. We have, as humanity, the capacity to decide what kind of future we want.”

As you can see science has pointed to the position we find our planet in all those years ago……and yet we did nothing.

And we are still doing NOTHING!

I am glad I am old and will not witness the total destruction of the planet by these total douches that answer to no one but the pigs that own them….the corporations.

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13 thoughts on “That 1972 Environmental Report

  1. When the leaders Democrats want to foist upon the rest of us actually have a workable solution for the so-call global warming crisis, I take those crooked politicians more seriously. Meanwhile, I will be comforted by the science.
    1. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by sea water, where it becomes limestone.
    2. The vast majority of what people think is environmental warming is due to heat islands. 70 percent of us live in urban areas covered with asphalt and cement. Because we have done nothing to stop the growth of these heat islands, our cities have occasionally become dangerously warm. But that is a fixable problem. To fix the problem we must first start talking about heat islands instead of global warming.

    It is in the long run a waste of fossil fuels to burn them. Unfortunately, we have yet to work the bugs out of alternative energy sources and turning the problem over to politicians has not helped. How dumb do we have to be to turn our technology choices over to politicians? Political decisions are almost by definition flawed and suboptimal.

    You want a clean environment? Do you have any idea what the waste products are from the production of batteries, windmills and solar panels? How crazy do you have to be to trust Chinese communists with the technical design and the production of the power systems we use to produce the energy that powers this country?

    Can we keep our environment clean? Maybe. Since 1972, our agricultural and industrial processes and therefore our environment has become much cleaner. Shipping our food production and industries overseas, because crooked Democrats and Republicans have been bought, however, threatens to undermine the progress we have made. If we want a healthy planet, then we have to elect honest leaders and work to produce the goods and services we need and use in an environmentally safe manner here at home. Instead, Democrats are using environmental issues as an excuse to implement Socialism, and that will just make crap out of both our society and the environment.

      1. Doing something doesn’t necessarily do any good. Often makes things worst, and what you are backing will make things worse.

        When will you people stop using your supposed concern for the environment to implement Socialism, doing something that doesn’t even have anything to do with protecting the environment?

      2. That is bunk…..doing something is always better than doing nothing….but that would not fit your argument. I agree that the Dems are not doing anything either…..but anything is better tyhan GOP gutless diatribes chuq

      3. So, why don’t you walk off a cliff? That would be doing something.

        Because we have differing points-of-view, we have differing priorities. Since so many people depend upon the internal combustion engine and coal-fired power plants, I think we need to have solid evidence that carbon dioxide is a serious pollutant BEFORE we ban the use of fossil fuels. I am not interested in starving hundreds of millions of people based upon an unproven theory, particularly when alternative energy sources would obviously create all kinds problems that would be just as awful as we imagine fossil fuels to be.

      4. Maybe reading a true report would you be doing something.

        The theory is far from unproven but you and yours do not like so it is a lie…..enough said. chuq

      5. We are a oil exporting country now…we do not need to beg…..keep up the good work…..the planet is dying. chuq

      6. We don’t need to beg? Tell Biden.

        The planet is dying? And the solution of the Democrats is to starve half the population and neuter the other half while pretending they are fixing problems, not people..

      7. I think that I said that sort of thing to you first. Moreover, I have explained WHY you are wrong. You have just spouted off angrily.

  2. I don’t actually recall any mention of Climate Change until the 1990s. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but I was working 12-hour shifts in the emergency services, and didn’t have a laptop until 2002. I was a gainsayer against Global Warming for a very long time, but since moving away from London to the countryside, I have experienced dramatic changes first-hand, over the course of the last 10 years. That has convinced me something is going badly wrong.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. The weather down here lets me know something is happening….my fruit trees act weirdly….there is something going on…..and soon it will e permanent. chuq

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