Uvalde Again

Uvalde makes the news….again.

The scene of a recent mass shooting in Texas makes the news again…this time with a video showing the police standing around jerking off while children were murdered…..

The Austin American-Statesman has viewed a 77-minute surveillance video from the hallway of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on the day a gunman massacred 19 students and two teachers, USA Today reports. The footage is not graphic, but offers what USA Today calls “an unabridged view of police inaction,” including an hour of an increasing number of police officers and amount of shields and powerful weapons waiting in the hallway before entering the classroom. It helps to clarify the confusing timeline of the tragedy, and it clears up one point that “has become a matter of contention,” per USA Today: the arrival of troopers from the Department of Public Safety on the scene.

The Uvalde mayor has accused the DPS director of casting local law enforcement as scapegoats even though DPS officers were also on the scene, and the video does confirm their presence. It also shows the 46 minutes during which officers, who already had multiple assault rifles and ballistic shields, waited for yet more shields and tear gas canisters to arrive while they discussed various options for entering the classroom. The next question is whether the video will be released to the general public: Hours after Rep. Dustin Burrows announced that DPS and the mayor had reached a deal to release it, DPS said it could not release it because the Uvalde DA has instructed it not to, ABC News reports.

Of course the people that were ‘in charge’ on the day are worried about the video’s release and have come up with a lame excuse……

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin slammed the Austin American-Statesman and KVUE Tuesday for releasing surveillance video taken inside Robb Elementary School during the May 24 mass shooting. The mayor, speaking during a town council meeting Tuesday night, called the move “one of the most chicken things I’ve ever seen,” the Hill reports. McLaughlin said the city had been planning to release the footage on Sunday, but without the sound of gunshots or images of the gunman entering the school. Families of victims “don’t need to relive that—they’ve been through enough,” the mayor said. The 82-minute video shows officers waiting for 77 minutes before they confronted the gunman.

Council member Ernest King also criticized the news organizations. “That part of that video was not supposed to be in what they’re doing on Sunday,” he said. “They did that for ratings and they did that for money.” State Rep. Dustin Burrows said earlier Tuesday that a panel investigating the shooting planned to show a version of the video to families Sunday before it was publicly released. The American-Statesman, which has defended its release of the video as a way to shed light on police inaction, says some residents at the council meeting approved of the release and criticized a lack of transparency from the mayor

Excuses by lame ass politician to protect their butts…..they could care less about the parents sensibilities…..the more out there the more trouble for the city and the police….that is what they are trying to control.

Everyone involved needs to be punished for allowing children to die needlessly…..PERIOD!

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8 thoughts on “Uvalde Again

  1. This just adds to my disgust that heavily armed police with ballistic shields hid behind walls while kids were being killed. They stood there listening to their screams, and did nothing. They are just cowardly scum, and I am beyond angry that they were not all charged to a man with dereliction of duty and sacked with no pension. If it was up to me, everyone of them who did nothing would be serving time in prison.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I saw that video too .. and somebody apparently removed the sounds of the children screaming and the part showing the police engaging in the sexual activity you mentioned. So somebody is apparently trying to mess with the video to give an impression that the video was not intended to give … I call it “Manipulated Reporting.”

  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    EXACTLY!! … “Excuses by lame ass politician to protect their butts …. they could care less about the parents sensibilities … the more out there the more trouble for the city and the police … that is what they are trying to control.”

    Everyone involved needs to be punished for allowing children to die needlessly…..PERIOD!

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