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This is a good post from Mato’s Blog….I could not find the re-blog button so I am just doing it this way….It is a good read, a bit long but has a lot of i9nmformation to help the reader understand as best they can.

A lot of people are trying to grasp just what went wrong that it could only be rectified with war…..

Human history is a tale of crime, oppression, exploitation, and mass murder, glossed over, camouflaged, and whitewashed by hypocritical sermons and hymns of kindness and compassion. Human history is a tale of ruthless fights for food, land, natural and mineral resources, of fights to exterminate everybody who could challenge the rule of the feudal elites. […]

About Ukraine — Mato’s Blog

Beware Of Your ‘Smart’ Devices

It is Sunday and time for a little FYI…..

These day it seems that devices will do everything you use to do for yourself short of wiping your butt.

I am an old fart so I prefer to turn the TV on myself….make my own coffee and answer the door bell…..but the generation now has come to depend on their smart devices for everything short of impregnating their partners.

But please beware…..

Have you ever felt a creeping sensation that someone’s watching you? Then you turn around and you don’t see anything out of the ordinary. Depending on where you were, though, you might not have been completely imagining it. There are billions of things sensing you every day. They are everywhere, hidden in plain sight – inside your TV, fridge, car and office. These things know more about you than you might imagine, and many of them communicate that information over the internet.

Back in 2007, it would have been hard to imagine the revolution of useful apps and services that smartphones ushered in. But they came with a cost in terms of intrusiveness and loss of privacy. As computer scientists who study data management and privacy, we find that with internet connectivity extended to devices in homes, offices and cities, privacy is in more danger than ever.

Your appliances, car and home are designed to make your life easier and automate tasks you perform daily: switch lights on and off when you enter and exit a room, remind you that your tomatoes are about to go bad, personalize the temperature of the house depending on the weather and preferences of each person in the household.

To do their magic, they need the internet to reach out for help and correlate data. Without internet access, your smart thermostat can collect data about you, but it doesn’t know what the weather forecast is, and it isn’t powerful enough to process all of the information to decide what to do.


Damn!  I am lazy but I still had rather to do things for myself.  I will not allow any of these devices in my home….I may have a smart phone but that is the extent of it for me.


Guard your life carefully.

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