The History Behind The Ukraine/Russia Conflict

First I need to say “Do Not Shoot The Messenger’….this is an FYI post that tries to explain what happened to bring this situation to this point in history.

This article cited is adapted from a speech that Scott Horton gave to the Libertarian Party of Utah…..

In his speech on the 22nd, Putin’s argument about the dangers of Ukraine’s independence went far enough to justify taking over the entire country permanently.

To be perfectly clear, I condemn all of this. Even considering what I am about to tell you about the U.S. government’s role in precipitating this conflict, and taking into account Putin’s legitimate concerns about the Donbass region, I think absorbing the Donbass in this way, much less conquering the rest of the country, was totally unnecessary and could end up leading to a wider war in Europe and worse reactions from nations all around. I think it was not just unconscionable, but completely unreasonable. I have a Twitter friend who’s sister’s life is in danger from the war right now. But the Americans hawks say this is all happening because Russian President Vladimir Putin is a megalomaniacal dictator bent on imperial expansion and becoming the next great Russian Czar.

No. It was unreasonable. But it was rational. A reaction. Understandable not in the sympathetic sense, but in the strictly literal one.

The responsibility for the invasion of Ukraine by Russia belongs to Putin, but the new Cold War it takes place within is primarily the responsibility of the U.S. government and its leaders over the last 30 years.

And when I say 30 years, I mean it. Just this last Christmas day was the 30th anniversary of the last day of the USSR. The Communists’ red flag came down, the Red, White and Blue Russian standard went up in its place. The Cold War with the Soviet Union was over. The evil empire was dead.

But then the administrations of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Joe Biden ruined our great peace and victory at the end of the last Cold War. Instead, they got us into this mess. This was primarily due to the policies of NATO expansion, tearing up important nuclear treaties, the installation of missile defense systems in Eastern Europe, overthrowing multiple governments friendly to Russia, including Ukraine twice in 10 years, spending the last 5 years sending sophisticated arms to Ukraine and increasing harassment by American Navy ships and Air Force planes in the Black, Baltic and Okhotsk seas. They were warned. They thought it would be fine. It wasn’t.

The History Behind the Russia-Ukraine War

There is always two sides to a story…..

The only way to bring this conflict to an end is to try and understand both sides of the arguments…..sometimes I feel that Americans are incapable of this simple technique for they want to hate and they want someone to pay with a heavy price.

Remember this is FYI not my thoughts…. but I do agree with Horton on several of the points he makes.

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6 thoughts on “The History Behind The Ukraine/Russia Conflict

  1. Just what I have been saying since the start. Provocation has its dangers, and now we know what those dangers are. If you don’t want your bluff to be called, then don’t risk bluffing.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. While I don’t agree with all of the points here, I also am completely in agreement that we need to all look at what has happened, why it happened, and the history that led to it…while also acknowledging that a “madman” doesn’t follow history or rational thought

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