Lewis And Clark

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It has been awhile since I gave my readers some history….I will try and rectify my oversight.

We Americans do not remember much of history but I bet everyone knows the story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition of exploration of the newly acquired land out West that we purchased from France.

The movies that most will remember and think that the romantic adventure was all about exploration…..

Sadly those cinematic offerings are shirt on accuracy…..

It’s a story many American children are familiar with. President Thomas Jefferson had just bought millions of acres of land from the French — the famous Louisiana Purchase — and he needed someone to go explore this wild western territory. To that end, he recruited Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, who gathered a team of brave men to go on a journey to the Pacific and back. The Lewis and Clark expedition, or the “Corps of Discovery” as it was known at the time, closely documented the flora and fauna of the uncharted West and befriended the many Native American tribes they met along the way. In particular, they made friends with the young Sacagawea, who served as a guide and translator for the Corps.

This common story, while not entirely false, is highly inaccurate. The real expedition was far more brutal — from violent conflicts with Natives to the whipping of enlisted men. This article will fill you in on all the grim details you weren’t told about in school.

Read More: https://www.grunge.com/235028/the-messed-up-truth-about-the-lewis-and-clark-expedition/

Like most of the history we are taught in school is sanitized to make it seem more noble than it actually was…..

The way that some useless politicians and equally useless individuals are trying to whitewash our history to make it seem like all was blue skies and unicorns…..

I have stated many times that ALL our history should be taught….the good, the bad and the ugly……denying our history does not make it fact.

A country of people running scared of their true history.

History should not be sanitized….it should be taught in all it’s glory and all it’s ugliness….we have had 200+ years of misinformation.

Be Smart….Learn Stuff….

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