A New Domestic Terrorism Unit

With all the chaos that is being created in this country by the far Right extremists the DOJ has put together a new domestic terrorism unit……

The Department of Justice is opening a new unit to investigate acts of domestic terrorism, a top national security official said during a Senate committee hearing Tuesday.

Why it matters: The FBI and Justice Department warned repeatedly last year that the threat of and investigations into acts of domestic terrorism have increased since 2020.

  • While there is no specific federal domestic terrorism statute, the federal government defines domestic terrorism as criminal acts dangerous to human life that appear to be intended to intimidate or coerce civilians or the policy of a government. It can also use other criminal charges when pursuing domestic terrorists.
  • Lawmakers and active and former FBI agents have called for the creation of a specific statute to make such acts a federal crime, though others have argued it would be redundant or fear it could be used to crackdown on constitutional acts of political dissent.



You mean there is no one unit that tracks this crap?

Why not?

I mean there has been the violent fringe for many decades and it just kept getting worse and yet no one was focusing on these slugs of society?

For me that does not say much positive for the record of the DOJ….they seem to focus more on white collar crime more than the pigs that want to destroy our government.

The DOJ has always had serious lack of foresight…they are always reacting instead of heading violence off at the pass.

I am glad that someone finally woke up and came to the conclusion that we have a major problem with domestic terrorism….now we will see just how serious they are at preventing stuff like 06 January.

Personally I am not impressed by the announcement…..

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


6 thoughts on “A New Domestic Terrorism Unit

  1. We have MI5, GCHQ, and the police Counter-Terrorism Command, also known as SO15 or CTC.
    Ever since the first ‘spymasters’ in the 16th century, the English have always had well-established organisations to couter threats from home or abroad.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. “Seriously?

    You mean there is no one unit that tracks this crap?

    Why not?”

    Howzabout the 2,000,000 + illegals Biden and dems have let in with absolutely no vetting ? Then there’s the matter of 60,000 in 2021deaths from the fentanyl flowing in. Murdering all those people sure seems like domestic terrorism to me. Compared to this Jan 6 pales in significance.

    1. Sorry but nothing pales by the insurrection a deliberate attack to end our government….the DEA needs better work ethic but at least they have had sponges on the payroll for decades. chuq

      1. Do you think those yahoos really thought they could end the government? How could anyone conclude they could take over the government or install Trump ? Against 2 million US military, planes, tanks, rockets? An insurrection was at Lexington and Concord and Bunker Hill. When they stormed the Bastille. When they fired on Ft Sumter. When the Bolsheviks stormed Moscow and St Petersberg. Sleepy Joe and Nancy and Chuck claimed it was the biggest threat to our government since Civil War. That claim is absurd and hilarious, You don’t think a dozen states and 200 cities claiming to be a sanctuary for illegals are not in insurrection? Dismissal of federal law enforcement nullification of all federal immigration law enacted by congress? Absolute defiance. How can anyone be blind to that real insurrection? I don’t mean to minimize the tragedy of anyone killed that day. I just loved it when that yahoo was sitting in Nancy’s chair with his feet on her desk. These rioters were expressing just who the hell do these congress people think they are ? I am proud that the deplorable hit back. Yet certainly glad they were easily disbursed, sanity restored and actual criminal acts are being prosecuted.

      2. Yes I do think they were tat stupid…..they thought the prez would save them from any consequences….that is what you get when stupid rules….so you are one of those that thinks 06 Jan was no big deal…..and for you it would be completely different if they were labeled ‘socialists’……chuq

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